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iPhoto 6

Wow what a difference! Even with 14,000 images in my Library, the app is snappy and responsive unlike previous versions. The interface is much cleaner and the bug when deleting photos from large albums has been fixed. It will make uploading pictures a much more enjoyable activity which is a good thing if you want to see my photos.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 -

Flickr broken on Safari

So I am trying to send some of my photos to a group on Flickr and I'm getting an error in safari. AJAX rocks 100x more than Flash, but please test your code in the common browsers!


Wow that was quick! They fixed it, thanks guys.

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005 -

The Problem with iPhoto

I use iPhoto to sort through and upload my photos to my webserver. It normally works pretty well, although once you have a few thousand photos in one library it really lags. The only real problem I have run in to a few times is the way that iPhoto deals with the information you add to your photos. I just sorted through about 500 photos, creating 4 groups and naming about 100 photos, then all of the sudden iPhoto crashed and when I reopened it, all my work was gone. Would it really be that hard to write to a file every time a change was made? Maybe instead of having one huge file describing all the photos in the library, iPhoto could have individual meta-files for each image file, or better yet, why not just store the info I type in the EXIF header? Oh well here I go again.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 -

iPhoto hickup

I use iPhoto to upload photos to my website using Gallery Remote. I don't actually run gallery on my site, but I like the way the gallery remote works so when I programmed my website I included the GalleryRemote protocol which is nice because I can use any of the third party Gallery Remote programs out there.

I really don't like iPhoto because it is way to slow to handle the 200 photos I take every time I go out shooting. I have been using Adobe CS 2 Bridge for the initial sorting and then when I have about 20 photos I like, I transfer them over to iPhoto and upload them using the remote.

The Gallery Remote can be a little buggy some times and today it crashed iPhoto while it was pulling down a list of my albums. When I reopened iPhoto all my photos and settings where gone, joy! When I quit iPhoto asked if I wanted to use my old settings, which I did and then when I reopened it everything was OK. That was a close one!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005 -

Apple Might Mouse

I just got a mighty mouse and I love it. The scroll ball is tacitly pleasing and give a smooth clicking feel when you spin it, plus it scrolls both up and down and side to side. The right click is nice, but you have to activate it in the Keyboard and Mouse menu. I also like the side clicks. Good show apple!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 -

My Adventures with Leopard : /home, Epson 3800, ATSServer

I'm an early adopter. When the OS X Beta came out in 1999 I jumped right on it, being a FreeBSD user I was right at home with the BSD subsystem and command line. When Leopard arrived via FedEx at my office yesterday I hesitated only slightly before installing it.

I asked some of my other nerd friends if they had encountered any problems, and I took at look at Apple's discussion forums, paying particular notice to this issue, which currently has over 350 replies and 25,000 views. One of my friends said that if I ran the disk utility from the Leopard install disk before I upgraded it would solve that problem. I ran disk utility, it found a problem and fixed it and I had no trouble upgrading.

Once my system booted up I went through all my applications and checked to see if they functioned properly, and everything did until I got to Zend Development Engine, which opened up fine, but my project had no files in it! I try to add them back to the project, but when I went to /home I noticed that it was totally empty! I thought that the upgrade had delete my web development files, and I was pissed, but luckily I had a backup that wasn't too old, and most all of my projects are in CVS, SVN or git repositories. I posted this thread on the Apple discussion forums and the next day I got the following response which restored my /home directory and all its contents!:

The good news is that your files are still on the drive. This is because 10.5 is now a real, certified Unix OS. However, I think that the default setting should have been to preserve the /home as a local directory. See the explanation here.

That worked, my files in /home were unharmed, Apple's new "real UNIX" features caused an invisible volume to be mounted using /home as the mount point.

My next problem came when I tried to print to my Epson 3800, I downloaded the new drivers from Epson's website (they have a 10.5 driver) and installed it. Now when I tried to print to the 3800 the printer was auto-detected but I still couldn't print. I'm sure this will be fixed shortly and it's not an emergency for me.

The third issue I noticed this morning was that ATSServer was using 185% of my processing power (I have a Core Duo MacBook Pro). Right now it's not a huge deal as I'm about to go out to take some photos anyhow, but this could put a damper on activities that do require my processors full attention like working with RAW files in Lightroom.

All in all, I'm very happy with Leopard's new features. The system is actually faster, if you can believe that! Moving around windows, loading websites and opening applications seem to work much more smoothly than before. This is a great update from Apple, I'm sure they'll work out the kinks soon. They did just release a Software Update to fix the login problems and the 802.11 issues, none of which affected me.

Update: I forgot to mention, I check my mail through an ssh tunnel to my IMAP server and I've been getting server timeout warnings. My server isn't actually timing out though, and this was never an issue in Tiger... I'm guessing Leopard's is just more sensitive. It actually hasn't been a problem this weekend, only on Friday.

Sunday, October 28th, 2007 -

Apple Weather Widget

I just looked at my Apple Weather Widget has a really cool rain graphic on it that spills down from the top and is raining on the rest of the widget... Apple design is amazing I tell you.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 -

Portable Storage...

So I've been thinking about getting some kind of portable storage to I can carry around various file with me. I had a little 64meg flash drive that just recently stopped working and now I see the new iPod Nano came out. The thing is pretty amazing and wonderfully small and I really want one! Not sure if I need one, but I do want one!

Thursday, September 8th, 2005 -

Apple Photo Scores: AI Judges Your Photos

Art critics have been present long before the birth of photography and have accompanied photographers through the journey from analog to digital. Now, with the proliferation of machine learning and the integration of on-device ML chips, such as Apple's Neural Engine chip, your smartphone has evolved into a discerning critic of your photographic creations.

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 -

Google Talk Jabber Server - NOW LIVE!

I just logged on to the google talk jabber server:

I am using Apple iChat. Say hello if you log on too: eekyou [at] gmail [d0t] com. More details can be found here. [thanks for the tip sean


Google just sent a message to me on my iChat Jabber session saying that they have updated their page. There is no Mac client but they give directions on connecting from a mac/linux.


My friend set up jabber and his iChat crashed and then killed all his preferences. It seems to keep crashing on him. It is sort of working. Eventually we got both text and Audio chat working in iChat even though the chart on google says voice chat doesn't work.


Well Sean seems to have gotten it working too, but when I tried to reply to his message he disappeared and now I am seeing "Jabber Error" popups when I try and talk to him... can you say buggy!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005 -

iPhoto 5 Doesn't Suck

So I have been using the new iPhoto 5 for about a week now and I am really happy with its performance. It is much faster than iPhoto 4, especially with my 5,200+ high res images. The Adjust widget permits me to adjust my photos without having to open them in photoshop (which I can do now easily too). The comment typing bug has been fixed. The search and smart folders rock. [Ed's Note: I should proofread and edit what I write.]

Friday, February 4th, 2005 -

iSAN / xSan

One thing that ZDnet forgot to mention in their article on the odds of what will come at Macworld is the iSAN, which will be some kind of Fibre Channel switch that can turn the XRaid into a true SAN device. We were going to buy an XRaid and our contact at Apple told us to hold off for the SAN device that will be debuting at the upcoming MacWorld.

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 -

An Issue with Tiger Mail

Here is a message I have posted to the Apple support page:

Recently I have decided to simplify my email life and in doing so I have for one thing stopped my subscriptions to the hundreds of security and programming related mailing lists I once subbed. Doing this allowed me to get rid of the hundred or so folders I had called "FreeBSD security" and whatnot and I have created one folder called "Old Mail" and several sub folders called "2004", "2003" and so on. This has worked very well for me as I no longer need folders to keep things sorted out and I can Spotlight whatever I am looking for.


The mail I have placed into my "Old Mail" folder only shows up on the system that I have archived it on... When I go home I only see the archived mail from earlier that morning before I went to work and vice versa. I am using IMAP and I have verified that the email DOES EXIST on the server which is a good thing. I have tried the "Synchronize" function and it does nothing to solve my problem. I am not too worried as I know my email does at least exist on the server, but it is very annoying to only have access to half of my archived messages at any given time.

So what should I do?

I'll keep this page updated as to what happens.

UPDATE I had to take the link off of here because apple's stupid discussion board website isn't smart enough to convert "&" to the non-XHTML compliant & character which it needs to be able to do in order to allow people who care about being XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant (like me) to post a link to their board from a website.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 -

Leopard Bug : BCC w/ Subject

Today I sent out a little update to my friends and contacts about the recent galleries of mine on WIRED News. Unfortunately these emails went out with no Subject. This is due to a bug with Leopard's Basically if you have more than a few hundred addresses in the BCC field, the Subject line gets lost somewhere along the line. Here is a thread on the Apple support forums discussing it. Sorry to all the folks who ended up getting that email twice with no subject! Emails without a subject are a huge pet peeve of mine.

UPDATE 10.5.2 fixes this issue, thanks Apple!

Monday, January 21st, 2008 -

Apple 10.4.2 Update

Apple just updated Tiger to 10.4.2! Cool a bunch of bug fixes in this one.

UPDATE: Since I ran the update Safari has already crashed once and has just stopped loading pages twice.

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005 -

Macbook Pro

My work bought me a Macbook Pro yesterday. Actually they cut a check to Apple, Inc. and I brought it to the Brea Mall Apple Store. This is the fastest personal computer I have ever owned, and it totally rocks. It is amazing how much faster this laptop is than my Dual G5 desktop. I have also started using some new software, specifically iTerm and Newfire, before I was using Terminal and NetNewsWire. I really dig the interface on both iTerm and Newsfire. My only complaint about iTerm is that the bottom of the display butts up against the last line of text, I know this is very minor, but Terminal had a tiny bit of breathing room there.

Thursday, January 11th, 2007 -

Desktop changeup

I have been using a 1Ghz titanium powerbook (2nd or 3rd gen) for the past couple of years for my "desktop" at home and about 6 months ago the screen went on the fritz. The system is still covered by an Apple Care warranty so I am sending it in for repair. While I am without my laptop I have a loaner system... Dual G4 866Mhz. It is pretty cool except for the fact that I can't use my Verizon EVDO card with it, although I did by a PCI to PCMCIA adapter that doesn't work. Right now I am borrowing one of the many open wireless signals in my building. At first I was just browsing normally and it was quite slow, thinking it was my ssh tunnel and proxy server I checked my settings and low and behold I wasn't using my proxy/ tunnel... oops! I turned it on and it is actually much faster now. Go figure.

Thursday, August 25th, 2005 -


For years I have used NetNewsWire as my RSS feed reader and until it was bought by Newsgator, I had planned on buying the pro version. A few weeks ago I decided to buy an RSS reader, so I tried out NewsFire. I really like the interface and how snappy the application worked, even with my hundreds of RSS feeds. I bought a license and have been very happy with it so far except for a small problem that I have contacted the developer about. Flickr's photo tag feeds contain an enclosure that links to the full sized image files:

I feel the polite way for a newsreader to handle a binary enclosure, is to offer a button or link that would allow the user to download said item. Unfortunately, NewsFire only does this with MP3 files, so every time I try and view a flickr tag feed I have to scroll through a massive full sized image, which can be upwards of 7 or 8 megs in the extreme. The developer responded that NewsFire wasn't currently in a development cycle, so he didn't know when he would be addressing the issue. I hope it is soon, being able to comfortably view images from flick is one of the primary reasons I use a news reader.

Saturday, February 10th, 2007 -

iChat Supports /me

When you're using IRC and you want to say that you're doing an action you use the /me command:

/me is posting on my blog

Well iChat now supports this:

iChat Support /me

That's pretty cool!

Monday, January 28th, 2008 -


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