About Dave Bullock

About Dave Bullock

Dave Bullock is a seasoned software engineer, architect, and leader with over two decades of experience. He has built hundreds of complex interactive systems and led dynamic teams for a wide range of organizations and clients from the SaaS, finance, non-profit, technology, sports, and education sectors. He is a full-stack software developer with a passion for designing and creating custom systems that solve a variety of problems, increase usability, and boost efficiency within large and small organizations alike.

Throughout his career, Dave has gained a reputation for his ability to tackle and resolve technical challenges, making him the go-to person for many clients and organizations. He has been running his web and mobile development consultancy for over 20 years, where he has honed his skills and expertise in delivering innovative solutions to his clients. Currently, Dave serves as the Chief Technology Officer at UJET, where he leads engineering, data, technology, and project management teams as well as contributes directly to the codebase.

Aside from his technical skills, Dave is known for his ability to explain complex technology in simple, plain language, devoid of jargon or "nerdwords." He is a communicator at heart, and his ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical people has made him an asset to any team.

Work History

Dave has a rich and varied work history, with over 20 years of leadership experience in the tech industry. Some of his key career highlights include:

Dave has been a critical part of several successful organizations, including CrowdRise (2011-2017), GoFundMe (acquired CrowdRise in 2017, where he worked until 2018), Wag (2018-2020), and UJET (2020-Present). His expertise and experience have helped these organizations achieve their goals and make a positive impact in the tech industry.


Dave is a talented photographer with a passion for capturing the essence of the world around him. Dave has shot over 150 articles and galleries for WIRED, as well as had his work featured on CNN, NPR, the Financial Times, and numerous other online and print publications. He now exclusively shoots photos to express his artistic creativity and capture imagery of the world around him.

Personal Life

Dave is a proud father and husband, and currently resides in San Francisco.