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Earth Simulator

On my last day in japan, after coming back from Hong Kong and staying up all night to ward off jet lag I made my journey by train to visit the World?s fastest supercomputer. I had emailed the general contact address before I left for Japan and I had tried to arrange a tour. I hadn?t heard back from my contact at the Japanese government run Earth Sciences Department, but finally in Hong Kong I got an email asking me when I could make it down. I told them that I would have maybe half an hour to visit with them while I was back in japan and that it would be cutting it very close.


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Hello From Osaka!

Hello folks,

I'm here in Osaka... i spent most of today wandering around alleys of the city... everytime i look up i am reminded of Lain. Today as well as the next two days are the biggest holiday of the year so just about everything is closed... everything except food stands and arcades... and this internet cafe that i'm in now... go figure.

i played some pachinko. i also played a really cool first person shooter called World Battle. This is very cool and i was doing pretty good... i even attracted a bit of a crowd. Although i did end up spending about 1000 Yen on it... which is about 10 bucks.

Last night (New Years Eve) I went to a party in Osaka at club evo. It was pretty fun. When i first arrived i heard drum'n'bass playing so i happily paid my 30,000 ¥ ($28) and went down stairs. Unfortunatly the dnb was only playing in the front room and nobody was dancing. oh well i still had fun and met a bunch of cool japanese people. i also danced my ass off... more than i had danced in about a year... and it was to techno hahah.

My hotel is very nice and pretty much western... although it has a bidet and a really deep shower... but at least i have my own bathroom.

today for lunch i had my favorite... Tako Yaki .... mmmm good stuff! it's a little chunk of octopus inside a tasty dumpling cover with sweet sauce, mayo (eww i could have done without the mayo) and bonito (dried fish flakes) it appears to be alive because the bonito writhes in the heat.

i was really hoping to find a wireless network that was open so i could surf for free... but all the wireless networks i found that were open, assigned me an ip and then had no route to the internet.

I have uploaded all the pictures i've taken so far and they can be found here:

yes i did a whole site just for my journey.

enjoy the pics.

updates to follow..


Monday, December 30th, 2002

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Japan Trip Photo Journal

As you all know I'm going to japan this morning. I will be there for over two weeks. I plan to take at least 200 pictures daily. I will be trying my best to upload them every day.

Due to the large volume oh photos i will be uploading ... i set up a whole seperate site just for them.

Along with my photos I will be posting in the forums.

I want to wish you all a happy new year and thank you for pitching in to buy our own server. It's good to have this site be self sufficient.




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Pre-Japan - Part I : Food i am going to eat whilst in Japan.

One of the main reasons I am going to Japan is to enjoy the most wonderful food on the planet. Japanese food is the finest, most delicate and delicious sustanance ever concocted. It combines all my favorite things and creates things you would never even consider eating if it weren't there in front of you.

Here is a photo journey into what i will be eating:


Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

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Only 1 Day Left to Bid on My Autions!!!

so don't sleep.... here is what i have for sale:

[IBM Thinkpad $5.00

Neon Genesis Evangelion 0:2 $10.00

Neon Genesis Evangelion 0:1 $10.00

Tupak Shakur: Before I Wake $10.00

Queen of the Damned $10.00

The Opportunists $10.00

Strange Days $10.00

Fritz the Cat $10.00

The Replacement Killers $10.00

Xetex Geiger Counter $20.00

Symbol Wireless Barcode Scanner PDA $40.00

IBM Hub 3299-2 NPFA Type II $5.00

Orckit DSL modem

Fluke 80T-IR Infrared Temperature Probe $40.00

2.4ghz antenna ceiling mount s2403bh $20.00

Rave MP3 Player $8.50

AT&T Cable modem $20.00

Ricochet USB Modem $5.00

Conar Model 202 Frequency Counter

Alinco DJ-S41 $31.00

Ezonics EZ Cam Digital Camera/Webcam USB $20.00

Aceco Frequency Counter $10.50

ICOM IC-Q7A $79.01

AOR AR8200MKII w/computer interface and more $113.50

Fujitsu 10GB Laptop HD $10.00](

so place your bids!


Monday, December 9th, 2002

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Monitoring Traffic / Intrusions

I wrote an article a few months ago about using freebsd and ipfilter to do transparent bridging in combination with ipfw. This article goes into further detail about monitoring the firewall.

In my previous article I talked about zeebeede. I've decided against using at as I found that net-snmp now allows for the daemon to bind to tcp instead of udp. This makes it easy to set up an ssh tunnel which will give us a secure means of transfering the snmp queries over the wire...


Thursday, December 5th, 2002

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Going to New Mexico to Visit Mom!!!

Early Saturday morning I will be driving out to new mexico (12 hour drive) to see my wonderful mother! She just moved in to her new condo in Albuquerque! It will be great. I went to High School in new mexico and I really miss it. They have the best green chile in the world there!

I'll take lots of pictures so you all can see pics of the Land of Enchantment.


Monday, December 2nd, 2002

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Tuesday, November 19th, 2002

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My Crazy Weekend!

So after working 19 days straight and having a really lame weekend I finally got my R&R on!

It all started Friday night. I was hanging out at ezw's apartment and Jason Game rolled through talking about a party up in the hollywood hills. When I heard that I was like... forget free thinking... I'm going up to the hills. So we jumped in my car around 11 and drove up into the hills.

After about 2 miles driving up that one curvy ass road we came to the house. It had the most amazing view I have ever seen at a house. It was even better than the high-tech mansion was! The whole front of the house was glass from floor to ceiling.

The night was so clear you could see all the way to signal hill in long beach. There was all the beer you could drink and a fill wet bar (ok pretty full). and some nice melodic dnb was playing... the only problem is that we were the only ones there at 11pm.

After a little while a few more carloads of guys showed up until there were 2 girls (on had left) and about 20 guys.

At this point I told jason i thought i was gonna take off... unless 5 carloads of girls showed up. As I sat there I kid you not, girls kept coming down the stairs until the ratio was even at about 12:30...

The ratio got even better as guys started leaving after about 2am... but there was still booze flowing and i was in my element... i walked around and met every single woman that was at the party...

i recognized them but didn't know where from... then i heard sombody mention it was like club bang in here and it all clicked....


Wednesday, November 13th, 2002

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Tuesday, November 12th, 2002

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Los Alamos Sales Company AKA The Black Hole

When I first moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1992 my dad worked for Los Alamos National Labratory in the ADP-4 dept coding old mainframes. He told me about, then took me to the most wonderful place I'd ever been...

I instantly fell in love as I am an avid junk collector. The black hole is an old supermarket, it's parking lot and the church next door along with it's parking lot (plus a house or tow a few miles away... which we once found a nice little disk (about 1 or 2 grams of weapons grade uranium! ) all filled up with piles of Lab suprlus.

See every first friday (or some day it's been a while) the Lab does somthing it calls salvage. Salvage is a silent auction where everybody gets a chance to inspect pallets of wonderful junk the lab no longer feels it needs. You can get anything from a pile of bolts to boxes of laser tubes. All for pennies on the thousands if not millions.


Wednesday, November 6th, 2002

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