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OC Hacking Summit IV - No Protection version 4

For the last three years we have brought you panels of security experts from

some of the members of the most elite hacker groups in Southern California.

This year we present the Orange County Hacking Summit IV - No Protection

version 2.003. This year we will be presenting some of the best and

brightest security engineers and hackers of the So Cal hacking and computer

underground community.


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snarl 0.0.1a RELEASED!

i finished my first releasable version of snarl. it is a bootable ISO for forensics based on FreeBSD, TASK and autopsy. it's pretty easy to use and works well. check it out!


Sunday, March 16th, 2003

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snarl 0.0.1a released

snarl is a bootable forensics ISO based on FreeBSD and using @stake's autopsy and task as well as scmoo's list of known good checksums.

read on for instructions


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Surviving a Slashdotting

Yesterday this web page got slashdotted. For many small sites a slashdotting means the site is totally unreachable. For this server it was business as usual...


Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

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Recover This!

Due to the recent MIT study concerning data recovery from old hard drives, we decided that the only fool proof means of data removal was complete destruction of the disk platters.


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new photo section

i have decided to stop posting my personal pictures on junglescene... if you are interested in what is happening in my life this is the place to find out.

the system is the same as on junglescene but not it's on here...



Thursday, January 30th, 2003

Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

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got my home control web interface working!

thanks to inspiration from arclight... i decided to set up my X10 home control again. instead of using the more complicated 2 way system i had before i opted to use the firecracker module and the bottlerocket software package.

using ssh tunnels from my home unix box behind the firewall here to connect to my webserver and open a reverse tunnel back to the unix box in my house, and setting up keys that can only execute the scripts i wrote with bottle rocket, i created a php script that check the authorization and makes sure it's me logged in it allows you to turn on and off my office and living room lights or all of them at once.

wow that was a long run-on sentance.



Saturday, January 25th, 2003

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