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My Crazy Weekend!

So after working 19 days straight and having a really lame weekend I finally got my R&R on!

It all started Friday night. I was hanging out at ezw's apartment and Jason Game rolled through talking about a party up in the hollywood hills. When I heard that I was like... forget free thinking... I'm going up to the hills. So we jumped in my car around 11 and drove up into the hills.

After about 2 miles driving up that one curvy ass road we came to the house. It had the most amazing view I have ever seen at a house. It was even better than the high-tech mansion was! The whole front of the house was glass from floor to ceiling.

The night was so clear you could see all the way to signal hill in long beach. There was all the beer you could drink and a fill wet bar (ok pretty full). and some nice melodic dnb was playing... the only problem is that we were the only ones there at 11pm.

After a little while a few more carloads of guys showed up until there were 2 girls (on had left) and about 20 guys.

At this point I told jason i thought i was gonna take off... unless 5 carloads of girls showed up. As I sat there I kid you not, girls kept coming down the stairs until the ratio was even at about 12:30...

The ratio got even better as guys started leaving after about 2am... but there was still booze flowing and i was in my element... i walked around and met every single woman that was at the party...

i recognized them but didn't know where from... then i heard sombody mention it was like club bang in here and it all clicked....

she was my favorite: (a sweet cancer and a good dancer haah rhyme)

i think it was this guys party:

but yeah it was dope...

so the next dope thing was rewind...

that was tons of fun and i even linked up with ben (good seeing you man) and rolled to dr.h's action sound bday party for a bit.

the next day i went out to have korean bbq in korea town. it was really good... we substitued ribeye for the black pork belly... and we got a combo that came with a pint of Crown Royal haha that was fun...

then we went to the porn convention which was really pretty sad... porn chick are scary when they get all old and saggy. but hey it was free cause my friend took me.



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