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Body Worlds Exhibit Photos

body worlds exhibitYou're technically not allowed to take photos at the Body Worlds Exhibit. The reason being is that they have a contract with Gunther that says nobody can take pictures. It is not a request from the cadavers that are on display. It is so they can make more money selling the posters. I think it is silly, but I still only took one photo of the exhibit. Btw, the California Science Center's site about the exhibit has been taken down but here is the new one for Body Worlds 2.


Body Worlds Exhibit Ends This Weekend!

I just bought my tickets to the Body Worlds exhibit at the California Science Center. I have been putting if off for the last few months, and in doing so I was only able to attain tickets for 1:00AM on Sunday! Oh well it will still be fun. I will take tons of photos As i just read: "The taking of photographs or filming in the exhibition is prohibited", but I will still try and sneak some anyway.


IBM Develops World's Fastest Supercomputer

IBM has created a new supercomputer called Blue Gene/L which is a teraflop faster than the Earth Simulator in Japan which i visited a couple years ago although it is only partially built. The supercomputer is also 100x smaller than the ES. Livermore labs has ordered one that will be installed in 2005 which runs at 360 teraflops!


Comcast Helps Lower The World's Spam Intake, Blocks Port 25

Thank you Comcast for lowering the amount of spam in the world by blocking port 25 on your periphery. When the clusestick whacking fails, block port 25.


World's Largest Mercenary Army

Paid for with your hard earned money. That's right, our government now has the distinction of having the World's largest private army... hired thugs rejoice!