Photos | Behind the Scenes at East West Studios

Behind the Scenes at East West Studios


A magazine tear sheet featuring a speaker, computer hardware, and posters in the studio room of the East West Studios in Los Angeles. The article explores the interior design of the space and how it enhances the electronics and hardware used in music production.

BLIP-2 Description:

a magazine article about the east west studios in los angeles

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1362w x 1875h - (download 4k)

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0  08  09  1  2006  26  3  300  323  6000  7  8  8078  90028  9576969  ac  advise  american  angeles  atc  awards  achievement  all  art  as  behind  best  biggest  both  beach  boulevard  boys  bring  british  ca  chinese  class  cello  console  cutting  designer  developer  director  do  doug  e  edge  eq  eastwest  eastwest's  fame  finest  flight  frank  facility  firstly  founder  futuremusic  gary  go  grauman's  great  hard  hired  hawaii  hide  history  hollywood  home  i  impossible  imagine  information  it's  january  knew  later  lies  life  live  los  large  luxury  main  music  managed  mission  monitor  myerberg  nick  night  neve  non  now  o  offices  pm  possibly  production  philippe  phillipe  place  pro  producer  proven  recorders  recording  rogers  software  studio  studios  secondly  sinatra  starck  studiofile  sunset  telephone  theatre  there's  think  technical  terms  there  turn  turns  under  us  usa  vast  we've  world  world's  walk  we'd  western  whitaker  why  worlds  years  a  about  acclaimed  acoustics  address  almost  and  any  are  areas  because  bits  bought  bringing  building's  but  by  channels  com  construction  could  create  creativity  desk  development  doesn't  eastweststudio  else  encourage  end  environments  essential  ever  everywhere  explains  far  façade  few  filter  five  followed  for  formerly  from  future  glitzy  gnat's  got  had  have  here  impressive  in  incorporating  incredible  intention  interior  into  is  it  just  know  known  legendary  likewise  locale  lot  magical  many  mash  monitors  more  most  much  need  new  nothing  of  on  one  online  opulent  orchestral  ornate  other  out  outside  path  pet  really  reasons  recorded  remarkable  remodelling  rest  results  roof  room  rooms  runs  shit  short  should  so  something  sounding  sounds  started  state  story  strangers  studio's  stuff  stunningly  than  that  that's  the  them  themes  they're  this  three  to  too  top  tune  unaltered  unassuming  unique  up  used  was  we  website  were  what  where  who  with  without  work  you  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.