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Wired Blog Post : Transformer in Hollywood

A short bit I wrote about a life sized version of Bumblebee in Hollywood just went up on the Wired News Underwire Blog. I'm looking forward to doing more writing and photography for Wired News, and hopefully for the actual magazine as well at some point.


LA Downtown News : Best Downtown Blog Nomination

My website has been nominated for the Best Downtown Blog by the Los Angeles Downtown News. Unfortunately, today is the last day to vote, and the Downtown News forgot to inform me or any of the other bloggers who were nominated that we were contenders. Although I am a Downtown blogger, my blog most certainly isn't the best in Downtown LA, as I don't cover Downtown nearly as much as Eric, Don and Ed. My prediction is that blogdowntown will win, but it remains to be seen who takes the prize. Here are all the nominated blogs as they appear on the ballot:

And here is a link to where you can vote.


Los Angeles Times' New Blog

LAT has a new editorial blog in which they mentioned me in a very positive light in one of their first posts:

Many of the local writers who attended came back with glowing reviews. Dave Bullock of Blogging.la had one of the best words/pictures combinations, and remarked: "It was the greatest show of patriotism I have seen my whole life, and the whole event really moved me."

They actually seem to be doing a really good job of covering what the LA blogosphere is talking about. In their latest post, they link to my photos from the walkout.


Ridiculous NetSol Faux Dog Blog

Ok so I am glad to see that network solutions are offering cheaper domain registration than $40 a year, but as I was checking out their new pricing, I saw a terrified helmeted dog who seems to be riding a skateboard with a jet turbine attached to the back with some rope. Beneath the ad was a link enticing readers to "Read My Blog. Click Here" and when I did click there I was taken to a marketing travesty consisting of one part typing dog and one part blog. Rapid Rocco the Rocket Dog is quite possibly the most annoying web based advertising campaign I have ever seen.