Photos | Antonio Villaraigosa at Media Center Website

Antonio Villaraigosa at Media Center Website


Former Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, addresses a crowd while holding a document in a screen shot of the Media Center website, captured on November 19th, 2007. The file features 49 people, including 2 adult men, while focusing on the faces and heads of the audience. The page contains text, and a poster or advertisement can be seen in the background. A baby can also be seen in the crowd.

BLIP-2 Description:

a screen shot of the website of the media center

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Original Dimensions:

1004w x 921h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

advertisement  candy  posts  rodriguez  festival  expanding  behring  advertising  train  rwanda  entries  food  film  latest  truth  immigration  antonio  previous  tatiana  document  blóg  ethnic  pm  france  race  services  dating  press  lounge  education  protesters  africa  presidents  health  bullock  blogs  student  go  sf  skaters  check  sandip  text  sex  tom  audience  art  california  middle  stone  search  indigenous  baby  conflict  delhi  brazil  seattle  china  subscribe  poster  bacon  camera  laundry  technology  walked  iran  chez  march  directory  nine's  ventura  environment  hugo  year  history  cardeal  us  hry  table  altus  wedding  america  andrew  labor  sheets  media  tattoo  phalano  maker  san  philosophy  horizon  mescalero  carf  flickr  rights  policy  angeles  photography  students  money  mexico  awards  tokyo  music  photovoice  calendar  babasteve  new  engine  entertainment  nam  science  recent  guatemala  hall  relations  antonio villaraigosa  lunar  tear  afghan  news  lens  spirituality  shop  filed  webpage  next  pham  movement  ringside  youth  riot  east  world  culture  james  francisco  havana  pixelpress  page  rainy  sudan  la  polls  hassan  local  crowd  archives  yo  camel  atlanta  posted  politics  camped  americas  asia  association  foreign  sites  police  no  literature  city  immigrant  sports  protest  hardware  mar  textpattern  baltimore  file  day  round  schools  mushroom  los  categories  nairobi  stuart  feet  roy  vit  natalie  isett  angkor  protested  david  europe  cc  

Detected Text

00  03  11  17  2006  27  28  america  andrew  angeles  atlanta  awards  advertising  africa  americas  archive  art  asia  association  bacon  baltimore  blogs  blóg  brazil  bullock  calendar  camel  cc  chez  city  california  camera  candy  china  conflict  culture  david  directory  education  engine  expanding  east  entertainment  ethnic  europe  festival  filed  food  france  francisco  go  guatemala  hall  horizon  hry  hardware  hassan  havana  history  i  immigrant  immigration  indigenous  iran  james  l  laundry  lens  los  latest  lounge  lunar  media  mexico  money  music  maker  mar  march  middle  movement  mushroom  natalie  nam  news  nine's  photo  pm  police  protest  philosophy  politics  posted  race  ringside  riot  roy  rainy  rodriguez  rwanda  sex  sf  sports  stone  stuart  san  sandip  science  search  seattle  services  shop  sites  spirituality  sudan  textpattern  tokyo  tom  table  under  us  ventura  world  youth  a  about  afghan  altus  and  angkor  archives  at  babasteve  behring  by  camped  cardeal  carf  categories  check  com  dating  day  delhi  entries  environment  feet  film  flickr  foreign  health  hugo  isett  la  labor  literature  local  mescalero  nairobi  new  next  no  of  on  out  phalano  pham  photography  photovoice  pixelpress  policy  polls  posts  presidents  press  previous  protested  protesters  recent  relations  rights  round  schools  skaters  student  students  subscribe  tatiana  tattoo  technology  the  through  to  train  truth  vit  walked  wedding  year  yo  
* NOTE: Amazon Rekognition detected a celebrity in this image using the Celebrity Recognition API. The API isn't perfect, but it does give you the MatchConfidence which I display next to the celebrity's name along with links _↗ to their info.
* NOTE: This image was scaled up from its original size using an AI model called GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior), which is a Generative adversartial network that can be used to repair (or upscale in this case) photos, sometimes the results are a little... weird.
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.