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Station Fire In Photos

Last night I stood on my balcony in Downtown Los Angeles and saw the Station Fire burning in the hills. I jumped in my car and headed towards JPL. This time instead of robots trying to get out of the sand or high-tech radar systems, I would be photographing fire. A giant fire, making its way down towards NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

Station Fire Above JPL

The Station Fire burns out of control separated by a single ridge above the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

After photographing the fire from below JPL, I decided to head up into the hills to shoot a bit closer to the action.

Firefighter Watching the Station Fire

A firefighter waits for the Station Fire to cross the gully separating it from the home he is protecting.

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Powerlines, Yucca and Station Fire

A trio of dead yucca flowers stand ready to become fuel for the Station Fire.

Basketball Court Above the Station Fire

Two firefighters watch the Station Fire in front of a basketball court below a massive mansion in the hills of La Cañada.


A group of firefighters prepare to battle the Station Fire blaze.

Station Fire and High-Tension Powerlines

The Station Fire burns beside a substation below high-tension power lines carrying 250,000 volts.

Powerlines, Firefighters and Station Fire

A firefighter walks to his station beneath power lines above the Station Fire.

Firefighter Watching the Station Fire

Two firefighters and a photographer (right) watch the Station Fire as it burns toward a substation.

Firefighter Watching the Station Fire

A group of firefighters rest their legs while waiting for the Station Fire to cross a gully.

Station Fire Above Greater Los Angeles

The station fire burns out of control below a soccer field with Los Angeles in the background.

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