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Social Networking Madness : I Can Has Updates?

Over the years I've been using various social networks here and there, but for the most part I've been posting my content directly to this site, eecue.com. I spent a few hours today going through all my profiles and updating my bio, tags, links and whatnot. Here is what I updated my bio to:

Dave Bullock / eecue is the offspring of a photographer and a programmer. He has been sifting through bits on the internet since he was young and along the way has taught himself programming, UNIX and photography. Dave is a frequent contributor to WIRED News and a member of the San Bernardino Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team. When he's not shooting photos of geeky stuff around Los Angeles, you can usually find him crawling through a cave, out in the desert or rescuing a wayward hiker.

And here is my one liner:

Programmer / Photographer / Admin / Human

And my tags:

programming, photography, downtown los angeles, los angeles, cooking, desert, search and rescue, SAR, electronics, ham radio, microcontrollers, hacking, computer security, wired, photojournalism, hiking

Here is the daunting list of social networking sites I have profiles on, along with a short description of what it is all about. [If you want to join a site that is invite only, let me know and I'll make with an invite]:

  • 43 Things - A fun list sharing sit for goals.
  • Bebo - Bebo is a blogging site, they really need to add RSS importing though.
  • Blip TV - A social video site, which allows you to upload content in HD with no size limit. I use it for both my personal movies and D2LA footage.
  • Delicious - This is a social bookmarking site. I've been using Delicious frequently, and their site posts my links to eecue.com on a daily basis.
  • Digg - Digg is a great social news site, the only problem is that the more friends you have the slower the site loads. SQL optimization time guys!
  • Dopplr - Dopplr is a pretty cool social travel site with very a simple feature-set and interface.
  • Facebook - Facebook is currently the best social network IMHO. It has plenty of great features. Some of the application invites get really annoying, but they recently added a feature to ignore certain apps.
  • Good Reads - GR is a reading list / book list sharing site. My next project is to catalog the hundreds of books I own and upload them to GR and Library Thing.
  • Jaiku - Jaiku is a pretty cool social aggregation site. Although, it seems to have some RSS importing issues right now.
  • JungleScene - JS is a site I run about drum'n'bass and jungle in Los Angeles. It's a fairly active forum site that I started in 1999.
  • Last.FM - Last FM is social music site. I haven't installed the app yet, but I will soon.
  • Library Thing - LT is another book list social site.
  • LinkedIn - Linkedin is a social network for professionals. I have my resume up there, although I'm not currently seeking employment.
  • MeFi - Metafilter is an old school social new site. I've been a member for some time now, but I actually rarely use it anymore. I'll have to check back more often.
  • Ning - Ning is a site creation platform that you can use to build a complete internet community. I wish they would allow you to use 5 character site / user names!
  • Tribe.net - Tribe is a social networking site that some of my hacker friends used. I never really did much with it.
  • Pownce - Pownce is another social network site that you upload files, photos and text to.
  • Xanga - A blogging platform. I'm not sure about this one, will probably kill my account at some point.
  • My Yahoo Profile - Not really a social networking site, but yahoo does allow for a profile.
  • Reddit - Reddit is a cool and simple social news site. Full-disclosure: I am a frequent contributor to WIRED News who's parent company owns Reddit.
  • Slashdot - I used to spend a lot of time on Slashdot, but I mostly just use digg now and my RSS reader. I do still subscribe to an RSS feed from Slashdot.
  • StumbleUpon - SU is one of my new addictions, I can seriously waste hours finding new and cool sites by hitting the stumble button. Unfortunately it only works in Firefox and I've been using Safari since the Leopard updates.
  • Tailrank - Tailrank is a meme aggregator. You feed it an OPML file and it give you a listing of what people are talking about that day.
  • Technorati - Technorati is a massive blog aggregator and link tracker.
  • Twitter - Twitter is a great little site for posting short thoughts online. It's like instant messaging that all your friends can see.
  • Upcoming - Upcoming is a social calendaring site.
  • Vox - Vox is a blogging platform, but also includes cool RSS aggregation features as well as linking to your other social profiles.
  • YouTube - I've only uploaded a couple movies to YouTube, but one of them has over 100,000 views. I need to get an ultracompact digicam that has better video capabilities and use it more often!


  • Virb - This is a cool site for artists and musicians.
  • Myspace - Totally forgot I had this. I updated my profile, but I don't have any friends. =]
  • Blogger - I've actually had this page since 2002, but I've always just used my own software for blogging. I updated the page with my RSS feed and profile.
  • Naymz : I can't tell if this is really a legit service, but it seems cool enough. Could just be a personal detail data mining site.
  • Yelp - I've been meaning to use Yelp more often.
  • ClaimID - This seems like an interesting aggregator, will have to set it up with my other sites.
  • Mugshot - A social network aggregator that may actually be useful.
  • Profilactive - Another aggregator.
  • Ziki - YASNR
  • Uber - forgot about this one as well.
  • Wink - Seems like an interesting social contact site.
  • LiveJournal - I totally forgot I had this.
  • MyBlogLog - I also forgot I had signed up for this.
  • Deviant Art - I'm going to upload some of my better photos to here at some point
  • Tumblr - Another microfeed site. I think I'm going to write a tool to post to every one of my social sites at once.
  • Twitxr - Scott Beale set this up today so I figured I'd give it a try.
  • Buzznet - I uploaded a few photos here once... someday maybe more.
  • Friend Feed - Another social feed aggregator.


NK Has Weaponized 6,000 Plutonium Fuel Rods

Things are heating up in the NK nuclear standoff

North Korea escalates nuclear stand-off: "North Korea claims it has "weaponised" all of its spent plutonium rods because the US's hostile policies towards Pyongyang leave it no choice but to develop a "nuclear deterrent.""

(Via gyre - military revolutions.)


War[*] has gone too far...

Some people in Seattle have decided that a good place to find wireless access is around Lake Union, and they are doing so from their kayaks... thus warkayaking [ugh].


sidekick now has ssh2 client!

finally what all geeks have been waiting for, an ssh2 client for the tmobile sidekick. the update came today and included a new clock, a game called led football, a calculator and of course the telnet/ssh2 client.

i am very happy.