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June Gloom Series: Part 1/6: Industrial Graffiti Canvas

Last weekend I spent the day wandering through my favorite industrial city in greater Los Angeles: Vernon. The sky was perfect for HDR and I captured a wide range of interesting industrial goodness. I have decided to split the photos into a 6 part series.

The first part of this series is also the smallest. The two photos it contains feature two graffiti walls near Vernon. I shot these with my Canon 5D Mark II through a 16-35mm f/2.8 L II lens. Each photo is a combination of 3 bracketed RAW files which were used to create a tonemapped HDR image in Photomatix.

Check out the photos:

Graffiti on a Warehouse

Graffiti and Railroad Tracks

Keep an eye out for the other five parts of the June Gloom Series coming soon.


Los Angeles HDR - Bridges, Graffiti and Rainbows

Double Rainbow and LA River

Graffiti on Bridge

South Gate

You can check out the rest of the set here. Previously someone had emailed and asked me how I create these images, they are just 3 shots put together using Photomatix. You can read a great tutorial on Photomatix here.