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Cemetery Blogging

My "Location"

I was randomly surfing the internet and I came across this website which gave me some information about my IP address. I zoomed in on the google map, and according to their data, I am blogging from a cemetery. I would have thought that the location shown would have been my ISP (Speakeasy), but I guess not. Maybe my loft was built atop an ancient burial ground and soon zombies will be rising from my pool, or lack thereof. OMG, are those Zombies‽

Update I missed the best part, according to their website, they are the "most accurate IP Address locator." I would hate to see the least accurate locator.


Getting Payola For Blogging?

So I saw a post over at digg about how to ruin blogging, and I thought, oh hell yeah count me in! So I signed up on a site called [censored] that allows business to pay bloggers to post about their products. To me this seems a whole lot like payola, but hey I am disclosing that I am advertising for what appears in this post and I am (supposedly going to be paid for it). So let me (or may payola sponsor) ask you some questions

UPDATE: Screw this! Here is what they said:

Please refer to a previous rejection message regarding your posts. Remember: 1)one post PER opportunity 2)word requirements Thank you!
It never said anything about that in the terms of service and this post made the work requirement so I'm over it!


Photo Blogging!

So I just added a cool feature to my website. If I send a photo email from my cellphone to a certain email address with the correct username and password (just for photo blogging) it will be posted to my photo blog archive and into my main blog. The next message on here will be a test from my phone! The image is actually one my mom took and sent me.