Photos | A Glimpse of Grace - The Common Myna in Natural Light

A Glimpse of Grace - The Common Myna in Natural Light


Captured in the midst of a sunny day at the Honolulu Zoo, this Common Myna stands alert on the sandy ground. Full Description: On a bright and clear day, this photograph presents a Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis), an exotic bird often seen in various global locales, showcasing its distinctive yellow eye patches, brown body, and a subtle hint of blue on the background suggesting a nearby water source. Taken during a visit to the Honolulu Zoo in May 2024, the image highlights the bird's keen alertness and natural behavior in a serene environment, typical of its adaptive nature in both wild and urban settings. The presence of the bird at the zoo offers an educational glimpse into the adaptability and ecological impact of this species, often regarded as both a common sight and an invasive species in many regions.

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