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The Sound of the Industry


A document showcasing the latest microphone and electrical devices used in the audio industry, with posters and advertisements featuring monitors, screens, and other electronic hardware, as seen in a newspaper article from 2008.

BLIP-2 Description:

an article about the audio industry and the equipment used

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Original Dimensions:

564w x 799h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

combination  interview  boards  get  forget  gie  wat  document  patches  ruring  like  lot  song  process  ay  tempol  ibme  drum  fully  thereb  productions  big  med  aytem  ditkrent  rehative  bng  studio  probably  electronics  rare  channel  teven  hoppen  pretty  compared  stil  scencone  million  coacemed  luve  breakdown  wareforms  uny  laughs  concst  eneray  mastered  ike  designed  photek  ares  tc  pro  ever  roorn  boking  rekas  wasn't  ot  difierent  moot  poopke  dynamics  need  speed  compketely  dip  full  hardware  dys  ran  harmcnics  mainly  sornething  sampling  bean  fint  room  jon  hd  breaks  external  photckother  oberone's  sampk  al  kick  concerned  signing  maling  ve  book  ato  cf  dkurs  make  track  hear  itsabie  logic  days  first  name  something  photck  everything  found  chopping  outrageous  cynbal  newspaper  ack  colid  sounds  thutba  snalasue  beats  bbxl  re  device  coming  sheets  overall  kois  artetrame  energy  mac  learned  system  putting  looks  see  step  ssl  rytem  ekctronic  spot  stets  tear  set  inckpendent  working  xi  concemed  aircraft  dune  next  certificate  i'we  time  impornt  i'l  pitch  page  one  took  loops  take  ago  litte  co  along  anangement  libel  starto  cbe  say  thare  bounces  gotry  microphone  fist  gear  iremember  often  mean  stutout  break  strips  bongos  converters  apogre  bare  workat  try  tire  thoughe  particular  recently  studios  ury  back  key  knobson  now  iell  character  go  among  anient  monitor  bunch  element  even  nct  running  trell  ponsercore  going  desk  years  mans  native  ah  never  uninown  screen  thats  giving  keyboards  dure  whol  music  new  uhieral  label  percussion  way  outboard  put  boric  lad  anything  well  outs  arcare  want  wiss  producer  astep  tue  entice  no  cds  saying  level  fat  tuning  sample  deck  hitting  leron  bage  wouldnt  libraries  liak  opportunity  achances  advertisement  electronic  stable  sounde  that'b  thing  gor  session  dontexpect  don't  start  certain  functional  core  using  ata  text  computer  anyone  point  electrical  use  part  carrier  poster  incing  less  far  te  frst  conventional  criejnal  hi  apogee  block  dollar  cards  ure  think  ijust  adio  lock  id  mindbet  around  window  sumo  bongo  got  horrto  come  havinga  relatiely  tempo  dosest  kb  property  octz  beat  korg  gone  systens  teb  t've  two  wouldn  aren't  anymore  cornerters  bit  mayte  really  resily  rock  itohrays  sell  arach  hat  alsis  someshare  right  

Detected Text

1  18.1  1sell  always  ares  ata  ato  ay  aircraft  all  alsis  also  among  anient  anything  apogee  apogre  as  b  beat  beats  bit  boards  book  both  bounces  bean  block  breakdown  cds  cf  channel  co  combination  come  computer  certificate  conventional  converters  designed  dip  do  dollar  drum  dynamics  deck  electronic  external  ekctronic  energy  even  fint  fist  frst  fat  g5s  get  go  gor  hd  hitting  hardware  hear  hi  i  i'l  i'm  i'we  i11  id  ike  its  ibme  iell  ijust  iremember  it's  jon  kb  key  keyboards  korg  kick  lad  looks  loops  luve  label  learned  let's  libel  litte  mac  mans  mastered  med  million  music  maling  me  moot  native  never  name  now  ot  outs  overall  percussion  productions  property  people  photck  photckother  photek  pitch  ponsercore  pro  producer  rekas  rock  sample  sampling  stets  strips  studio  studios  systens  sell  speed  stable  starto  t  t've  tc  tempo  there's  think  tire  tue  teb  there  thereb  thutba  time  ure  uhieral  using  ve  way  whol  wat  which  xi  y  years  a  about  achances  ack  adio  ago  ah  al  along  an  anangement  and  any  anymore  anyone  arach  arcare  are  aren't  around  artetrame  astep  at  aytem  back  bage  bare  bbxl  be  been  big  bng  boking  bongo  bongos  boric  break  breaks  bunch  but  by  can  cards  carrier  cbe  certain  character  chopping  coacemed  colid  com  coming  compared  compketely  concemed  concerned  concst  core  cornerters  criejnal  cynbal  days  desk  did  difierent  ditkrent  dkurs  don't  dontexpect  dosest  dune  dure  dys  element  eneray  entice  ever  everything  far  first  for  forget  found  from  full  fully  functional  gear  gie  giving  going  gone  got  gotry  harmcnics  hat  have  having  havinga  here  hoppen  horrto  how  how's  impornt  in  incing  inckpendent  interview  into  is  it  itohrays  itsabie  just  knobson  kois  laughs  leron  less  level  liak  libraries  like  lock  logic  lot  mainly  make  mayte  mean  mindbet  mine  more  my  nct  need  new  next  no  not  oberone's  octz  of  often  on  once  one  opportunity  or  out  outboard  outrageous  own  part  particular  patches  point  poopke  pretty  probably  process  put  putting  ran  rare  re  really  recently  rehative  relatiely  resily  right  room  roorn  running  ruring  rytem  s  sampk  say  saying  scencone  see  session  set  signing  snalasue  so  some  someshare  something  song  sornething  sounde  sounds  spot  ssl  start  step  stil  stutout  sumo  system  take  te  tempol  teven  than  thare  that  that'b  that's  thats  the  their  them  then  these  they're  thing  this  those  thoughe  through  to  took  track  trell  try  tuning  two  uninown  uny  up  ury  use  want  wareforms  was  wasn't  we  well  were  what  while  who  will  window  wiss  with  workat  working  would  wouldn  wouldnt  you  your  
* NOTE: This image was scaled up from its original size using an AI model called GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior), which is a Generative adversartial network that can be used to repair (or upscale in this case) photos, sometimes the results are a little... weird.
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.