Photos | Tranquil Gathering: Doves at Honolulu Zoo

Tranquil Gathering: Doves at Honolulu Zoo


A serene snapshot of peaceful doves, perched gracefully in their natural habitat at the Honolulu Zoo. Full Description: Captured on a bright, sunny day in May 2024, this image features a group of five doves perched on a wooded area within the Honolulu Zoo. The detailed texture of their feathered coats and their alert yet calm demeanor enrich the tranquil atmosphere of the scene. These birds, part of the pigeon family, are shown interacting gently by a stone and other elements that mimic their natural environment, highlighting the zoo's efforts in providing a habitat that supports the native behaviors and well-being of its avian residents. The lush greenery background subtly suggests the tropical setting of Honolulu, creating an inviting and pleasant visual escape for viewers.

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