Photos | Sound and Hardware: Captured in Vintage Artwork

Sound and Hardware: Captured in Vintage Artwork


This poster advertisement from a 2009 magazine article showcases the latest in recording equipment and electronics, featuring speakers, computer hardware, and vintage art collage. With three people depicted in the artwork and accompanying text, this tear sheet is a unique and comprehensive display of hardware and technology.

BLIP-2 Description:

a magazine article about recording equipment and equipment

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Original Dimensions:

1362w x 1875h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

advertisement  instrument  status  huge  informs  fm  redd  smaller  skilled  touch  comprising  paid  incredible  however  uk  certainly  know  deal  engineer  sure  book  frigging  boys  control  filter  beautiful  happy  pm  explains  said  don't  place  make  wouldn't  like  lot  back  director  slightly  exactly  automation  days  now  whole  months  switches  collage  replaced  go  rubin  zone  crazy  beatles  century  text  long  give  six  anyone  everything  computer  art  use  exact  business  storage  eastwest  chimes  fader  part  another  wood  even  pultec  sáng  guy  electronics  joe  newest  poster  gorgeous  fix  sucked  request  year  input  sounds  faders  orchestra  us  show  visit  studio  work  built  project  future  probably  going  ready  talked  building  beyond  sheets  needs  owned  spent  interest  racks  open  fab  years  gary  glowing  desk  single  sits  still  hire  let  earthquake  system  smallest  screw  hits  panelled  putting  great  nightmare  giving  mass  fun  neve  expect  think  love  money  invested  right  call  futuremusic  see  myerberg  yanked  music  plus  new  paint  around  loose  kravitz  lenny  technical  finally  way  emi  bring  got  laughs  tear  put  five  shape  bought  vitamin  attracts  four  times  enough  carefully  next  line  says  come  impressive  time  safest  previously  added  find  beach  east  pop  world  every  stuff  ten  want  fairchilds  much  page  la  panels  ever  done  installing  producer  audio  one  equalisers  took  available  fallen  famous  hugely  literally  porn  second  white  warehouse  city's  making  host  amount  old  can't  labour  water  flying  commercial  co  futurenet  kind  looking  sinatra  affair  historic  broker  together  technician  two  holed  today  floor  three  aquired  city  doug  met  dazzles  full  trident  hardware  circuitry  rick  knew  couldn't  dbx  called  range  really  wanted  coat  live  end  pet  pride  requirements  round  recreations  gear  room  finest  often  steel  many  feet  breaks  getting  letting  identical  speaker  invest  thought  pieces  coast  virtual  starck  didn't  original  drop  punter  

Detected Text

08  09  1  100  160  165s  17  1961  2  24  25  26  2a  3  365  50  7  80  8078  amount  available  affair  all  art  as  audio  beatles  between  book  broker  beach  beautiful  beyond  boys  bring  building  built  carefully  century  chimes  city  city's  co  coast  come  crazy  call  coat  commercial  comprising  director  do  doug  done  drop  emi  exact  east  eastwest  even  fader  fallen  famous  finest  flying  fm  fun  fab  fairchilds  finally  floor  futuremusic  gary  go  gorgeous  guy  give  glowing  great  hire  hits  host  he  here's  historic  however  huge  i  i'll  i'm  i've  if  instrument  interest  invest  it's  joe  knew  kravitz  lenny  live  long  love  may  money  music  mass  me  met  myerberg  nightmare  neve  now  original  over  old  open  our  plus  pm  pop  people  place  previously  producer  project  pultec  punter  racks  rubin  range  redd  rick  six  smaller  smallest  studio  show  sinatra  spent  starck  status  still  storage  sáng  there's  think  technical  there  time  trident  uk  us  vitamin  virtual  visit  warehouse  way  we've  world  we'll  which  years  you're  zone  a  about  added  after  an  and  another  any  anyone  aquired  are  around  at  attracts  automation  back  be  because  been  bought  breaks  business  but  called  can  can't  certainly  circuitry  control  couldn't  days  dazzles  dbx  deal  desk  did  didn't  does  don't  down  earthquake  end  engineer  enough  equalisers  ever  every  everything  exactly  expect  explains  faders  feet  filter  find  five  fix  for  four  frigging  from  full  future  futurenet  gear  getting  giving  going  got  had  happy  have  he'd  here  him  his  holed  how  hugely  identical  impressive  in  incredible  informs  input  installing  into  invested  is  it  just  kind  know  la  labour  laughs  let  letting  like  line  literally  looking  loose  lot  make  making  many  months  more  most  much  needs  new  newest  next  not  of  often  on  one  only  orchestra  other  out  owned  paid  paint  panelled  panels  part  pet  pieces  porn  pride  probably  put  putting  ready  really  recreations  replaced  request  requirements  right  room  round  safest  said  same  says  screw  second  see  shape  should  single  sits  skilled  slightly  so  some  sounds  steel  stuff  such  sucked  sure  switches  system  talked  tear  technician  ten  than  that  the  their  them  they  this  thought  three  times  to  today  together  too  took  touch  two  up  use  want  wanted  was  water  we  we're  what  when  where  while  white  whole  with  wood  work  would  wouldn't  yanked  year  you  you'd  your  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.