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The Crystal Method Advertisement in Publication


A poster featuring a man's face and head promoting The Crystal Method magazine, published in 2010.

BLIP-2 Description:

the crystal method magazine

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Original Dimensions:

1362w x 1875h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

advertisement  factory  kj  interview  pedal  harry  tools  midi  mkils  case  glue  support  get  uk  cheap  engineer  spitting  broken  origin  filter  jupiter  number  macbook  threw  various  pm  performer  make  track  like  lot  hear  play  playing  now  whole  thad  fingers  using  droid  dx  keep  something  text  sampler  computer  country  everything  big  point  use  rack  part  sk  eventually  clock  lucky  beginnings  synced  cue  different  even  true  digi  poster  goes  parts  running  delay  path  synth  publication  us  show  work  studio  ken  table  building  sheets  fly  mackie  years  sampled  sturdy  kore  carrying  still  mac  unique  piece  velocity  cross  lead  album  arturia  interface  laptop  market  relentlessly  submixing  timecode  possible  moments  rat  new  dressing  lots  lock  decided  around  word  sound  things  mu  tower  states  way  spilled  got  tear  put  set  working  four  enough  little  change  nord  throw  time  isn't  someone  tour  points  pro  every  stuff  backline  board  mounted  crystal  complicated  scott's  much  trigger  side  somewhere  pros  audio  components  one  motu  kontakt  adapting  old  can't  tracks  take  alesis  andromeda  kind  two  master  minutes  three  magazine  via  need  mpcs  method  backstage  controllers  knew  bit  used  live  le  serious  wanted  room  gear  loaded  effects  effectrix  road  axiom  external  break  thought  digital  backing  undertaking  didn't  weird  

Detected Text

003  003s  1  10  114  15  16  2  22  25  49  57  6  67  album  alesis  all  also  andromeda  arturia  as  audio  axiom  backing  backstage  bit  both  building  cheap  computer  country  cue  case  cross  crystal  d  delay  different  digital  droid  dx7  dx7s  digi  dx  e  e4xts  effects  external  effectrix  even  factory  get  goes  glue  harry  hear  i  i've  interface  it's  jupiter  ken  knew  kore  keep  kontakt  le  live  laptop  little  loaded  lots  lucky  m  mac  mackie  maybe  motu  mpcs  mu  macbook  market  method  mkils  moments  mounted  now  over  old  origin  our  pedal  pm  points  pros  play  pro  road  rack  rat  states  studio  synth  sampler  scott's  serious  show  still  support  there's  tools  tour  tower  trigger  table  thad  there  time  tracks  uk  us  using  velocity  via  way  we've  weird  years  a  a6  about  adapting  after  an  and  are  around  backline  be  because  before  beginnings  big  board  break  broken  but  can  can't  carrying  change  clock  complicated  components  controllers  could  decided  did  didn't  does  dressing  engineer  enough  eventually  every  everything  filter  fingers  fly  for  four  from  gear  got  had  has  have  he'd  how  in  interview  into  is  isn't  it  just  kj  kind  lead  like  lock  lot  make  master  midi  minutes  more  much  my  need  new  nord  number  of  on  one  or  out  part  parts  path  performer  piece  playing  point  possible  put  relentlessly  room  running  sampled  set  side  sk  so  someone  something  somewhere  sound  spilled  spitting  stuff  sturdy  submixing  such  synced  take  that  that's  the  them  they  things  thought  three  threw  through  throw  timecode  to  too  track  true  two  undertaking  unique  until  up  use  used  various  very  wanted  was  we  we're  were  when  where  while  whole  with  word  work  working  would  you  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.