Photos | Monolith of Yosemite: A Side Road Spectacle

Monolith of Yosemite: A Side Road Spectacle


Captured on December 29th, 2023 - this stunning photograph showcases the imposing rock formations of Yosemite. The picture, precisely caught at the peak of the day, intertwines the splendors of the great outdoors, illustrating the raw power of nature where the rubble, majestic fir trees, and the wild linger side by side. Experiencing such wilderness that thrives amidst roads is rarely witnessed, let alone immortalized in a picture. Feel the delicate blend of the scenic wilderness, the enchanting plant life, and the rock set against a backdrop of slate and gravel brought about by a recent landslide.

BLIP-2 Description:

a large rock formation on the side of the road

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Original Dimensions:

6000w x 4000h - (download 4k)

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