Photos | Crimson Crown: A Finch at Honolulu Zoo

Crimson Crown: A Finch at Honolulu Zoo


A vibrant red-headed finch perched gracefully at the Honolulu Zoo, captured in May 2024. Full Description: This photograph, taken in May 2024 as part of a visit to the Honolulu Zoo, showcases a finch distinguished by its striking red crest and a subtle blend of grey feathers. The bird, identified with high certainty as a finch and possibly exhibiting features of a cardinal, sits perched on a weathered ledge, contrasting beautifully against a soft, green blurred background. Its keen eye and detailed feather texture are captured with vivid clarity, highlighting the finch's natural beauty and poise. This image is a part of the 2024 albums dedicated to exploring the diverse avian life hosted by the Honolulu Zoo.

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