Photos | Documenting Junglezone with Computer Hardware

Documenting Junglezone with Computer Hardware


This old photo from 2002 captures a monitor displaying files, text, webpages, and charts related to the junglezone website. The computer hardware and electronics used to document the site are evident in the image.

BLIP-2 Description:

junglezone com - junglezone com - junglezone com - junglezone com - junglezone

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Original Dimensions:

1256w x 902h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

mos  loginarimey  mysal  nunica  peter  forums  types  posts  panik  radio  tirker  dirt  whatever  support  good  get  reviess  laneous  apoche  ince  pank  communicate  vergrofile  hiscellaneous  eecue  latest  send  apologies  origin  susi  scene  grimey  document  google  please  pm  phpreactor  password  place  bers  garage  make  write  like  back  clubs  internet  mail  beefs  companiesten  modeling  comments  neptune  space  ted  abolf  backend  londer  go  sunrise  zone  ism  apache  ouse  forward  text  drum  reid  violence  tupes  monitor  hung  miscellaneous  tribal  anyone  computer  personal  tor  stoopid  liquid  search  confession  freebsd  forum  subscribe  true  main  parties  ydrasno  stop  anti  ters  freebed  us  beats  homies  re  stuf  aurakutorabora  ufo  fs  wafez  tanb  ads  rednblue  watching  electronics  bass  php  js  topic  choac  g  click  kitty  redie  ius  hi  mrs  hip  feel  wed  nonserse  photos/links_rocks  screen  alan  print  therapy  topics  total  lacker  love  read  christal  creative  furny  skullphones  talk  tinker  links  night  music  gandhi's  calendar  moder  plain  new  queenlag  ming  ome  lurkitude  tokes  birthday  refresh  remark  source  positive  jungle  collect  ila  garagescene  sce  active  slacker  respectanb  probless  news  users  general  section  que  jungleg  prophecy  logged  feature  login  junglescene  drum'n'bass  sign  rocks  preferences  webpage  secticeir  discuss  ole  public  society  come  conditions  artillery  eminem  top  skull  outs  terms  shout  eventsifto  wish  senbesy  architecture  changa  group  ict  nude  pl  design  board  tjltj  images  banner  outiaout  recon  heavy  chart  done  polls  home  faru  one  pasa  address  rapy  soum  communication  ex  software  making  old  heck  methods  ung  spacemail  info  looking  today's  posttenjevent  porties  bonners  mys  dru  paypal  friends  respect  no  today  autofill  ther  kinda  speed  sports  escue  last  hardware  stevo  amments  dikgb  post  phones  irony  seen  hop  lurking  getarid  file  ast  techniques  chat  poetry  question  zen  letting  proreactor  espect  oct  chamclowder  questions  animation  terminal  tool  angive  suggestion  booth  producing  fellow  apple  bur  respec  infrastructure  ask  

Detected Text

01  02  02pm  07  09  1  10  1149  117  117138  12  13  13049  14  15  1586  16  1665  17  17133  17669  18  18184  1987  2  20  2002  2092  22  28  28095  2nd  3  31  3241  33  34  35  36  37  38  39pm  4  41  420pmit  43607  46  4ds  5  50pm  51  52  54  55  56  57  58pm  5click  6343  7  75059  77  89  94844  alan  animation  anti  architecture  ast  active  ads  all  apache  apple  autofill  beats  booth  banner  birthday  c  calendar  changa  chat  come  comments  creative  conditions  confession  dru  drum  design  done  drum'n'bass  espect  ex  eminem  eventsifto  f  forum  forward  friends  fs  feature  g  get  go  group  gandhi's  general  good  google  heavy  heck  hop  hi  hiscellaneous  home  i  i've  ict  ila  images  ism  if  ince  info  infrastructure  jungle  kinda  l  love  latest  liquid  login  lurking  m  mail  main  may  ming  mos  music  methods  miscellaneous  moder  mrs  night  nude  neptune  news  ole  ome  ouse  outs  oct  origin  pasa  phones  photo  pl  pm  print  public  password  photos  place  plain  please  poetry  porties  probless  question  radio  read  redie  refresh  reid  respec  reviess  scene  section  seen  slacker  society  software  space  sports  stevo  sunrise  search  shout  soum  speed  stoopid  support  ted  ters  tokes  tool  tor  tribal  types  techniques  terminal  terms  therapy  today's  topics  total  tupes  ung  us  violence  vergrofile  wafez  whatever  write  wed  zen  zone  a  abolf  about  address  amments  and  angive  any  anyone  apoche  apologies  are  artillery  ask  at  aurakutorabora  back  backend  bass  be  become  beefs  been  bers  board  bonners  bur  by  chamclowder  choac  christal  click  clubs  collect  com  communicate  communication  companiesten  dikgb  dirt  discuss  eecue  else  escue  etc4  faru  feel  fellow  for  forums  freebed  freebsd  furny  garage  garagescene  getarid  grimey  had  have  here  hip  homies  hung  in  internet  irony  is  ius  js  jungleg  junglescene  just  kitty  lacker  laneous  last  letting  like  logged  loginarimey  londer  looking  lurkitude  ma77  make  making  mcdre2002  modeling  mys  mysal  n  new  no  nonserse  nunica  of  on  one  or  other  out  outiaout  panik  pank  parties  paypal  personal  peter  php  phpreactor  polls  positive  post  posts  posttenjevent  preferences  producing  prophecy  proreactor  que  queenlag  questions  rapy  re  recon  rednblue  remark  respect  respectanb  s  sce  secticeir  senbesy  send  sign  skull  skullphones  source  spacemail  stop  stuf  subscribe  suggestion  susi  tjltj  talk  tanb  that  the  ther  these  they  tinker  tirker  to  today  top  topic  true  ufo  users  v4.0  videon3d  was  watching  wish  with  ydrasno  you  your  
* NOTE: This image was scaled up from its original size using an AI model called GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior), which is a Generative adversartial network that can be used to repair (or upscale in this case) photos, sometimes the results are a little... weird.
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.