Photos | Twilight Refresh: Mobile Showers at Coachella 2024

Twilight Refresh: Mobile Showers at Coachella 2024


Sunset ambiance surrounds the mobile shower facilities, offering a respite to festival-goers among windswept palm trees at Coachella 2024. Full Description: This photograph, captured at Coachella 2024 during its second weekend, showcases a practical yet essential aspect of festival logistics: the mobile showers. Set against a backdrop of tall, silhouetted palm trees under a fading evening sky, these showers provide a much-needed service to attendees. The image conveys the sprawling festival grounds as night begins to fall, marked by vehicles and portable toilets lining the vicinity, which are subtly illuminated by artificial light. The photo not only highlights the convergence of nature and infrastructure at such large events but also the care taken to maintain attendee comfort and hygiene in an outdoor setting.

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