Photos | Shadows and Sunsets: A Halfmoon Bay Soirée

Shadows and Sunsets: A Halfmoon Bay Soirée


Captured on October 21, 2023, this mesmerizing spectacle displays a solitary silhouette in awe of the fiery dusk, where the sun bids adieu to the world from Halfmoon Bay Pumpkin Patch. The vast, alluring ocean melt into the horizon marking the perfect counterbalance between land and sea. Clouds appear to add their drama, reflecting hues of orange and pink, and housing the occasional bird returning to its nest. The watermark of nature's ambient symphony is a reflection of tranquility meeting the tumultuous sea.

BLIP-2 Description:

a sunset over the ocean with a person standing on a cliff

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6000w x 4000h - (download 4k)

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