Photos | The Power of the Akai APC40

The Power of the Akai APC40


This text-filled image captures the innovative design of the APC40, a powerful computer hardware device for electronic music production, featured in a newspaper article from 2009.

BLIP-2 Description:

a magazine article about the akai apc40

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Original Dimensions:

1362w x 1875h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

comes  simple  box  overdub  status  controller  coordinated  controlling  huge  fm  recreate  focus  tend  midi  get  try  abilities  know  launch  soundcard  eight  especially  thing  control  filter  soon  unit  large  number  files  solo  said  don't  make  track  orange  metering  clip  like  knobs  lot  crossfader  oscar  arpeggiator  global  enjoyed  play  acclaimed  now  first  cover  playing  metronome  favourite  red  appeals  go  high  perfectly  programmable  text  upgrade  bases  long  loved  nothing  computer  everything  buttons  use  dreaded  sensitivity  cue  even  gui  genius  lengthening  colour  rotaries  newspaper  activator  march  remains  pans  hail  synth  expressive  monosynth  sit  sounds  lfo  stop  faders  show  studio  basket  built  creating  future  re  device  month's  namm  sheets  fly  less  electronics  channel  desk  mouse  slot  asking  plug  controls  eggs  never  thorough  velocity  clips  browsing  putting  though  impressions  great  panning  ins  wait  functions  aim  akai  bor  expect  total  quirky  sale  usual  towards  footprint  feedback  prominent  unison  emulation  futuremusic  release  see  music  new  lots  import  power  worse  motorised  labelled  reality  green  chorus  means  way  record  including  got  arm  brand  users  truly  tear  section  incredibly  shape  feature  ge  quantization  mapped  handling  next  vsts  clearly  recording  sheer  time  rec  added  modulation  macro  secret  deep  aspect  etc  options  performance  want  weapon  much  easy  visible  map  side  gforce's  useful  reach  ne  version  one  off  replaceable  sends  panel  software  accordingly  tracks  ableton  fairlight  can't  function  prefer  excellent  gforce  outlines  mixer  knob  master  no  seemed  issue  via  obvious  full  hardware  soft  controllers  adding  seq  front  matrix  imposcar  range  auto  currently  level  really  live  unmask  end  bundle  companies  modes  loaded  features  sadly  getting  preference  basic  geared  extra  created  ultimate  gforcesoftware  program  original  broad  right  

Detected Text

02  09  1  11  13  19th  2  3  4  80s  8x5  aim  akai  always  am  apc40  arm  arpeggiator  activator  all  appeals  as  bases  basic  brand  broad  box  browsing  built  bundle  channel  chorus  clearly  created  cue  clips  colour  controlling  controls  cover  do  deep  each  enjoyed  excellent  easy  even  fm  functions  fairlight  feature  feedback  focus  footprint  futuremusic  ge  genius  get  gforce  gforce's  go  gui  geared  global  great  green  hail  hardware  huge  import  including  its  if  knob  knobs  launch  lfo  live  long  large  loaded  lots  macro  map  metering  mixer  month's  music  march  matrix  metronome  modes  modulation  mouse  namm  never  ne  now  o  original  oscar  over  overdub  orange  our  panel  panning  pans  plug  prominent  performance  play  quantization  range  record  recording  secret  section  sensitivity  simple  slot  software  solo  studio  synth  sends  seq  sheer  show  soft  status  there's  tend  there  time  total  tracks  truly  ultimate  unison  velocity  via  vsts  version  way  we've  we'd  yes  a  abilities  ableton  above  acclaimed  accordingly  added  adding  an  and  are  asking  aspect  auto  basket  being  below  bor  but  buttons  can  can't  clip  com  comes  companies  control  controller  controllers  coordinated  creating  crossfader  currently  desk  device  doing  don't  down  dreaded  eggs  eight  emulation  end  especially  etc  everything  expect  expressive  extra  faders  favourite  features  few  files  filter  first  fly  for  from  front  full  function  future  getting  gforcesoftware  got  had  hand  handling  have  high  imposcar  impressions  in  incredibly  ins  is  issue  it  just  know  labelled  lengthening  less  level  like  lot  loved  make  mapped  master  means  midi  monosynth  more  most  motorised  much  new  next  no  not  nothing  number  obvious  of  off  on  one  options  or  other  out  outlines  perfectly  playing  power  prefer  preference  program  programmable  putting  quirky  re  reach  reality  really  rec  recreate  red  release  remains  replaceable  right  rotaries  sadly  said  sale  see  seemed  shape  side  sit  soon  soundcard  sounds  stop  that  that's  the  their  then  these  they  thing  this  thorough  though  to  towards  track  try  unit  unmask  up  upgrade  use  useful  users  usual  visible  wait  want  we  weapon  what  when  while  will  with  worse  you  you'd  you've  your  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.