Photos | The Official Website Page for the Book

The Official Website Page for the Book


This screenshot captures the official webpage for the book, displaying text, images, and information about the publication.

BLIP-2 Description:

the website page for the book is shown

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Original Dimensions:

696w x 875h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

tell  singer  latyrx  kill  really  advertisement  picking  comments  rocked  avenue  eardrums  lyrics  quannum  recorded  sight  file  artist  bigass  intertwined  different  mostly  panthers  post  bay  hyc  make  rest  basically  words  no  teodros  gabriel  super  don't  left  true  off  remix  labels  abcreole  lines  ended  case  mic  oakland  humor  sound  velarde  beatmaker  grew  mixes  part  pull  solo  show  ground  australia  got  two  brought  couple  atom  worth  vicious  black  took  definitely  amount  hop  high  crew  blesses  recordings  legendary  projects  genocide  speaker  shimura  blows  classic  first  crowd  real  ways  band  crazy  albums  necessary  energy  nearly  profound  shit  example  posted  born  something  live  neumo's  mixed  keeps  civil  one  truth  fat  encore  guitar  america  assembled  home  saying  big  second  set  album  self  juice  document  check  induced  want  shares  tracks  lyricism  keyboards  makes  love  mention  million  drums  lb  pro  text  speakers  get  bass  hole  punches  thing  chances  interested  world  disobedience  francisco  find  playing  transports  soulful  awkward  songs  signed  venue  comment  now  give  cats  older  entire  young  pike  poster  room  smarter  funk  day  later  new  basement  stage  city  page  seattle  heavy  hip  creole  connection  absolutely  heard  bigga  straight  mince  guys  infinite  takes  tom  land  touring  see  elsewhere  subscribe  sense  like  aka  rock  versatile  talented  broadway  coup  take  berkeley  joyo  peace  overnite  feel  chemistry  san  partial  pimps  lb's  called  converted  lateef  cooled  felt  emcee  webpage  pm  letter  area  know  course  steal  known  subsequently  decision  star  back  stole  bassist  didn't  great  electric  abyssinian  

Detected Text

48  5  9  abyssinian  album  always  america  amount  abcreole  all  also  as  atom  australia  avenue  band  basement  bay  berkeley  broadway  bigga  c  called  chemistry  city  comments  crazy  crowd  case  chances  civil  classic  comment  connection  creole  crew  different  did  drums  elsewhere  electric  encore  energy  fat  francisco  funk  genocide  ground  guitar  guys  gabriel  give  great  he's  heavy  hop  hyc  home  i  i'm  in  induced  infinite  if  interested  it's  joyo  juice  keyboards  kill  later  lb's  left  live  love  labels  lateef  latyrx  million  mixed  neumo's  o  oakland  off  overnite  picking  pm  pull  panthers  pike  pimps  posted  pro  quannum  recordings  rock  real  remix  sight  singer  solo  songs  speaker  speakers  star  stole  straight  san  seattle  she  shimura  show  smarter  so  steal  super  tell  teodros  touring  tom  tracks  venue  velarde  world  what  which  young  a  about  absolutely  after  aka  albums  almost  an  and  area  artist  assembled  at  awkward  back  basically  bass  bassist  beatmaker  been  between  big  bigass  black  blesses  blows  born  both  brought  but  by  can  cats  check  converted  cooled  could  coup  couple  course  day  decision  definitely  didn't  disobedience  don't  e  eardrums  emcee  ended  entire  example  feel  felt  few  find  first  for  from  get  got  grew  has  have  he  heard  high  hip  his  hole  humor  intertwined  is  it  just  keeps  know  known  land  lb  legendary  like  lines  lyricism  lyrics  mic  make  makes  mention  mince  mixes  mostly  my  nearly  necessary  new  no  not  now  of  older  one  only  or  out  part  partial  peace  playing  post  profound  projects  punches  really  recorded  rest  rocked  room  same  saying  second  see  self  sense  set  shares  shit  signed  some  something  soulful  sound  stage  subscribe  subsequently  take  takes  talented  that  the  their  there  they  thing  this  through  to  too  took  transports  true  truth  two  up  versatile  vicious  want  was  ways  when  where  who  with  words  worth  you  you've  your  
* NOTE: This image was scaled up from its original size using an AI model called GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior), which is a Generative adversartial network that can be used to repair (or upscale in this case) photos, sometimes the results are a little... weird.
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated with AI (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.