Photos | Aerial Gardening: Embracing the Offbeat Nature Decor

Aerial Gardening: Embracing the Offbeat Nature Decor


Captured on January 13, 2024, during a memorable visit to Exploratorium with Wesley. This image encapsulates the unique charm of nature subtly infused into indoor spaces. A thriving plant, encased in a hanging pot, serves not just as a captivating centerpiece but also as a testament to unconventional décor. More than just a play of greenery, pottery and interior design, it’s a creative medium where ordinary objects vie with nature—like a cookware-turned-planter hanging from a light fixture. The composition also has a touch of femininity with a handbag subtly placed. Truly, an exploration of ikebana, indoors meets outdoors and everyday objects assuming new roles.

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a plant hanging from a light fixture in a room

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