Photos | The Beat Goes On: Inside the Music Industry

The Beat Goes On: Inside the Music Industry


Tear sheets from a magazine article exploring the rhythms, trends, and players of the music scene, including posters, advertisements, and newspaper clippings.

BLIP-2 Description:

a magazine article about music and the music industry

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Original Dimensions:

1388w x 1875h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

combination  interview  degrees  simultaneously  get  know  week  look  like  lot  song  projects  wanna  ends  fruity  ditching  amp  productions  big  usb  nice  sit  faders  orchestra  show  studio  probably  racks  interesting  university  worked  real  idea  early  pretty  laptop  compared  weeks  banshees  xl  friendly  completely  touring  versions  record  instruments  hasn't  xone  pure  without  four  recording  normally  pro  musicians  complicated  much  acoustics  ever  everybody  fall  starts  making  ideas  ableton  together  mixer  wonder  need  dip  whitney  usually  specific  companies  programs  depends  least  road  sounded  talking  spit  virtual  electric  coldplay  ask  simple  terabyte  fm  accessed  komplete  allow  good  mixing  moon  beautiful  production  make  knobs  incorporating  logic  play  playing  players  first  played  started  development  producers  something  oriented  everything  found  different  bands  identifiable  approach  machines  sometimes  newspaper  goes  sounds  admirable  built  pcs  building  coming  sheets  albums  college  still  example  great  low  fun  love  see  young  folder  hook  collect  tear  outputs  set  working  rather  next  little  time  liking  every  microphones  necessarily  sounding  class  page  side  done  home  liked  one  loops  written  stand  amount  tracks  take  ago  commercial  quite  city  method  last  madonna  say  live  end  day  gear  create  saw  synths  often  allows  totally  producing  junkie  box  sense  huge  tools  midi  dozens  acoustic  try  rarely  progression  control  despite  scene  macbook  connected  rule  back  couple  key  amazing  equaliser  go  siouxsie  keep  guitar  engineers  festivals  bunch  picture  crappy  another  even  already  worth  running  project  going  band  spent  desk  years  riffs  mix  native  interested  perfect  screen  figured  effective  budget  ofbig  towards  base  futuremusic  music  connect  new  course  barely  things  teach  dark  desks  wrong  keyboard  problems  anything  ideal  well  find  want  intact  funny  made  producer  deliberate  audio  technically  cubase  holds  absolutely  y'know  prefer  videogame  kind  developed  musical  three  obviously  ups  octaves  sources  houston  experts  opposite  basis  saying  level  heath  prowess  learning  simplified  freshman  gigs  life  standpoint  basic  pool  weird  divided  program  advertisement  holland  hit  produce  electronic  yeah  went  soundcard  eight  thing  fucked  latest  allen  pictures  session  don't  spend  start  certain  background  luckily  makes  artists  using  laptops  text  phenomenal  drives  continue  computer  six  point  buttons  use  remix  necessary  situations  solely  hard  jamming  came  poster  year  work  fairly  less  single  bass  comfortable  samples  besides  massive  plug  handy  hip  feel  expensive  floyd  ins  album  summer  block  radiohead  pink  setup  later  think  money  third  flown  talk  around  sound  technical  altogether  including  hope  proper  come  changed  peak  stuff  machine  server  multiple  presets  score  fresh  street  beat  software  methods  looking  sync  two  via  movie  kids  happening  dance  controllers  really  hop  scratch  england  reinvent  newer  many  instance  beginner  corresponding  europe  

Detected Text

01  08  10  14  150,000  18  180  1974  2  20  24  3  300  3d  4  400  500  6  60  60s  7  70  70s  8  80s  85  86  actually  album  allen  always  am  amazing  amount  artists  acoustic  all  already  also  amp  anything  as  audio  bands  basic  beat  besides  budget  band  banshees  base  beautiful  block  box  building  built  city  class  combination  come  computer  cubase  coldplay  commercial  corresponding  dance  different  dip  do  dozens  dark  divided  done  drives  each  early  electric  electronic  ends  engineers  effective  england  europe  even  fall  fresh  fucked  fun  festivals  floyd  fruity  futuremusic  get  go  goes  good  great  handy  happening  hard  heath  hit  hop  houston  holland  home  hope  huge  i  i'm  including  instance  ideal  if  instruments  it's  junkie  key  keyboard  knobs  komplete  keep  later  learning  life  live  loops  love  laptop  laptops  latest  little  low  luckily  madonna  massive  mixer  money  moon  music  musicians  macbook  made  method  methods  movie  native  ok  outputs  over  peak  pictures  played  players  plug  produce  production  productions  pure  people  pink  play  pool  pro  producer  producers  project  racks  rarely  real  road  radiohead  record  recording  remix  riffs  scene  simple  six  software  sounded  specific  studio  samples  screen  server  setup  show  siouxsie  spent  spit  stand  still  street  summer  sync  there's  think  tools  touring  technical  there  time  totally  tracks  ups  usb  using  versions  via  videogame  virtual  weird  whitney  wonder  which  written  xl  xone  years  young  yeah  a  ableton  about  absolutely  accessed  acoustics  admirable  after  ago  albums  allow  allows  almost  altogether  an  and  another  approach  are  around  ask  at  back  background  barely  basis  bass  be  became  because  before  beginner  being  big  bunch  but  buttons  by  came  can  certain  changed  collect  college  comfortable  coming  companies  compared  completely  complicated  connect  connected  continue  control  controllers  couple  course  crappy  create  day  degrees  deliberate  depends  desk  desks  despite  developed  development  did  ditching  doing  don't  down  eight  end  equaliser  ever  every  everybody  everything  example  expensive  experts  face  faders  fairly  feel  figured  find  first  flown  folder  for  found  four  freshman  friendly  from  funny  further  gear  gigs  going  guitar  had  has  hasn't  have  having  hip  holds  hook  how  idea  ideas  identifiable  in  incorporating  ins  intact  interested  interesting  interview  into  is  it  jamming  just  kids  kind  know  last  least  less  level  like  liked  liking  logic  look  looking  lot  machine  machines  make  makes  making  many  microphones  midi  mix  mixing  more  most  much  multiple  musical  my  myself  necessarily  necessary  need  new  newer  next  nice  normally  not  obviously  octaves  of  ofbig  often  on  once  one  only  opposite  or  orchestra  oriented  other  out  own  pcs  perfect  phenomenal  picture  playing  point  prefer  presets  pretty  probably  problems  producing  program  programs  progression  projects  proper  prowess  quite  rather  reinvent  really  rule  running  same  saw  say  saying  score  scratch  see  sense  session  set  side  simplified  simultaneously  single  sit  situations  so  solely  some  something  sometimes  song  sound  soundcard  sounding  sounds  sources  spend  standpoint  start  started  starts  stuff  synths  take  talk  talking  teach  technically  terabyte  that  that's  the  their  then  these  they  they're  thing  things  third  this  those  three  through  to  together  towards  try  two  university  up  use  usually  very  wanna  want  was  we  we're  week  weeks  well  went  were  what  when  where  who  will  with  without  work  worked  working  worth  would  wrong  y'know  year  you  your  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated by an AI LLM (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.