Photos | Sentinel on the Rocks - A Blackbird at Honolulu Zoo

Sentinel on the Rocks - A Blackbird at Honolulu Zoo


A blackbird perches majestically on a rugged rock, its piercing gaze surveying the surroundings at the Honolulu Zoo. Full Description: Captured on an overcast day, this stunning image showcases a blackbird, possibly exhibiting traits of a finch or jay, perched on a coarse rock surface. Taken in the bird exhibit at the Honolulu Zoo on May 22, 2024, the bird's intricate feather patterns and striking blue-tinted eyes come alive against the soft, blurred background of natural vegetation and muted earth tones. Highlighting a small instance of day-to-day avian life, this photograph encapsulates the reflective and observant nature of this widely admired bird species.

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