Photos | Palm Silhouettes and Festival Lights: A Night at Coachella 2024

Palm Silhouettes and Festival Lights: A Night at Coachella 2024


Emanuel Sandhu amidst the vibrant nocturnal ambiance of Coachella, captured on April 20, 2024. Full Description: This photograph, taken at Coachella during its second weekend in 2024, beautifully showcases the festival's electric night-time environment. Majestic palm trees are backlit by colorful stage lighting, adding a tropical flair to the scene. The image prominently features Emanuel Sandhu, enjoying the festivities with a crowd visible under the tented areas in the background. The event's ambiance is further emphasized by the radiant lights and lively atmosphere, inviting viewers to feel the essence of a quintessential summer night at one of the most celebrated music festivals.

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