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Gentle Moments at Old Faithful Geyser Zoo


A delightful interaction between a llama and a goat as they receive treats from a visitor, capturing the simple joys of a sunny day at the zoo. Full Description: This photograph from the Calistoga Old Faithful Geyser's zoo album, dated May 12, 2024, beautifully captures an intimate moment between two charming animals - a llama and a goat. They are seen interacting gently through a rustic fence, eagerly accepting food from the outstretched hands of a visitor. The fairly sparse enclosure, outlined with wooden logs and a sturdy fence, is set against a backdrop of rolling hills and a clear blue sky, which adds a sense of calmness and openness to the scene. This image not only portrays the natural behavior of these affable creatures but also highlights the bond that can form between humans and animals in a caring and sustainable environment. The clear weather and vibrant outdoor setting make it a perfect moment of connection with nature and wildlife. Overall, the photograph conveys a serene and joyful experience at the zoo, reflecting the zoo's commitment to animal welfare and visitor engagement.

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