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Page 12 : Los Angeles From an Auto

Page 12 : Los Angeles From an Auto
institutions, the Union Trust Building being the home of the Southern California Savings Bank, with its immense safe deposit vaults, while the Security Savings Bank and its accompanying safe deposit department, is located in the Hellman Building.

One half block to our right on Fourth street is the General Headquarters building of the Edison Electric Company, a corporation which has been directly identified with the building up of Los Angeles and her suburban sisters. Operated under the presidency ot Mr. John B. Miller and a directorate made up of men who are in the forefront of the country's business affairs, this company has grown to be one of the most extensive and important electric distributing companies in America. In the Edison Company's history one can trace, step by step, every advance made in electric power generation and transmission up to the present time.

Today this great company is distributing electric current for light, heat and power purposes in almost every city, town and district,-from the mountains to the sea-in Southern California. It operates at the present six electric water power plants and large auxilliary steam plants, with a total generating capacity of over 34,000 horse-power. In addition, there are in course of construction five water power plants with a capacity of 100,000 horse-power. A large amount [tags: los angeles losangeles california LA historical engravings 1906]