Blog | Photographing The Deep Space Network at Goldstone

Photographing The Deep Space Network at Goldstone

The Deep Space Network (DSN) is one of the most critical components of space exploration and communication. The network comprises a series of antennas that are used to communicate with interplanetary spacecrafts, such as the Mars rovers and the Voyager spacecrafts, as they travel through the solar system.

Recently, I uploaded my complete archive of photographs from the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in California's Mojave Desert. I shot the DSN for a WIRED News article in 2008. The experience was truly unique, and I wanted to share my journey with the world.

The Journey Begins

The journey to Goldstone was an adventure in itself. I had to drive through the barren landscape of the Mojave Desert, navigating through dusty roads and dodging tumbleweeds. The drive was long, but the view of the endless desert and the clear night sky was breathtaking.

As I approached the Goldstone Complex, I was greeted by a massive 70-meter antenna, standing tall against the backdrop of the night sky. The sight was awe-inspiring and humbling, reminding me of the vastness of space and the incredible work that the DSN does.

Inside the Complex

Once inside the complex, I was given a tour of the facilities and shown the various antennas that form the DSN. Each antenna is unique, with its set of challenges and capabilities. Some antennas are used for deep space communication, while others are used for radar imaging.

One of the most interesting antennas I saw was the 70-meter antenna, which is used for deep space communication. The antenna is so massive that it takes a team of engineers to move it, and it can communicate with spacecraft millions of kilometers away. The level of precision and engineering that goes into each antenna is truly mind-boggling.

Capturing the Moment

After the tour, it was time for me to start capturing the beauty of the DSN. I set up my camera and tripod, and began shooting. The light from the antennas illuminated the surrounding area, creating a unique and otherworldly environment. I took advantage of this and used creative lighting techniques to capture the beauty of the complex.

The final result was a series of stunning images that showcased the beauty of the DSN and the incredible work that goes into space exploration and communication. You can view the full gallery here.


Photographing the Deep Space Network was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I feel privileged to have been able to witness and capture the beauty of this critical component of space exploration. The experience has given me a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into space communication and has inspired me to continue exploring the wonders of the universe.


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