Blog | Extracting Celebrity and Object Information from Photos: An Overview of Amazon Rekognition's Capabilities

Extracting Celebrity and Object Information from Photos: An Overview of Amazon Rekognition's Capabilities

Have you ever stumbled upon a photo and found yourself wondering who that celebrity is, or what kind of object is in the background? Enter Amazon Rekognition, a powerful deep learning-based image and video analysis service that can help answer those questions.

With Rekognition, you can leverage object and celebrity detection capabilities to automatically identify objects, people, landmarks, and even celebrities in photos. In this post, I’ll take a closer look at how Rekognition works, and how it can be used to extract valuable information from images.

Object Detection with Rekognition

Rekognition's object detection capabilities allow you to identify various objects within an image. The service uses a deep learning-based approach to recognize objects and classify them into various categories, such as vehicles, furniture, and household items.

With Rekognition, you can also get information about the position of the detected objects within the image. This information can be used to create bounding boxes around the objects, providing a visual representation of where the objects are located.

Celebrity Detection with Rekognition

In addition to object detection, Rekognition also offers celebrity detection. This feature allows you to identify famous people within images, providing information about their name and a confidence score that indicates the level of certainty that the person in the image is indeed the celebrity being detected.

Rekognition's celebrity detection works by comparing the faces in an image against a database of celebrities, which is constantly updated to keep up with new and emerging celebrities. The service uses deep learning algorithms to analyze the facial features of the people in the image and match them against the database of celebrities.

Relatively good… good enough?

Rekognition does a relatively good job of recognizing celebrities, but it’s not always accurate (you can see it has mistaken my friend Ernie for German Rapper Apache 207 . However, it does include a Confidence score and I display that score next to the celebrity’s name beside the photo. It also includes links to more information about the celebrity which I also include.


In conclusion, Rekognition's object and celebrity detection capabilities provide a powerful and efficient way to extract valuable information from photos. Whether you're trying to identify objects within an image or find out who that celebrity is, Rekognition can help. And with the ability to create MessagePack data files, you can easily share the information with others, making it a great tool for a variety of use cases.


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