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Pre-Japan - Part I : Food i am going to eat whilst in Japan.

One of the main reasons I am going to Japan is to enjoy the most wonderful food on the planet. Japanese food is the finest, most delicate and delicious sustanance ever concocted. It combines all my favorite things and creates things you would never even consider eating if it weren't there in front of you.

Here is a photo journey into what i will be eating:

first of all i will be in osaka (by myself) for New Years which is Japan's busiest holiday. here is what will be served: it's called osechi mmm it looks wonderful.

while in osaka i will be enjoying the local favorites:

takoyaki (my personal favorite)

and some okonomiyaki which is like an omlet sort of that you make yourself:

Hako-zushi, Battera:

and some blow fish:
Tetchiri, Tessa

mmmm blow fish