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Defcon 15 : Photo Essay

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I attended my 6th Defcon this year. I had a great time and actually ended up getting hired by Wired Blog to shoot photos of the event, many of which can be found here. A few of them also made it onto the main Wired website. Of course I took hundreds of photos and only a handful were used by Wired, so here are some highlights from my collection:

Glowing DC Badges

Hacked Badge


Uncle Ira Junk

Black Badges

More after the jump, and the whole archive can be found in my Defcon 15 gallery.

CTF Team

CTF Team

iPhones =]

Wall of sheep

Goons doing Little Teapot Impression

Home Made Lock Picks


Lockpick Pavillion

Lockpick Pavillion

Lush Monkey and MMCA

Naughty Monkey and Flea

Cancer Monkey

Pen and Drunk Monkey

Penelope and Onyx the Bad Monkey

Almost Dead Guy

Badge Light Show

Uber Badge Winner

Robotic Airsoft Control

Robotic Airsoft Gun

Robotic Airsoft Guns

Robotic Airsoft Guns