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New Prepared Slides

I am really happy with the results from the new prepared slides I ordered from eBay. I was a little worried about the quality on the cheap Chinese import slides, but they are really well done. Here is the first round of photos I took. Or click below for some flickrs:

Hydrilla Verticillata Dog Esophagus Honeybee Leg Housefly Mouth

Dog Stomach Hydra Honeybee Leg Housefly Mouth Housefly Mouth Housefly Mouth Housefly Mouth Housefly Mouth Dense Connective Tissue Dog Cardiac Muscle Rabbit Testis Rabbit Spinal Cord Pig Motor Nerve Dog Muscle Dog Bone Dog Esophagus Dog Esophagus Hydrilla Verticillata Hydrilla Verticillata Nymphea of Apusito Stem Nymphea of Apusito Stem Zea Stem Lillium Anther Lillium Ovary Pumpkin Stem Pumpkin Stem Pumpkin Stem Pumpkin Stem Tilia Stem Onion Epidermis Broad Bean Root sunflower stem sunflower stem Coprimus Mushroom