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    Page 11 : Los Angeles From an Auto

    steamers making daily trips between the port of San Pedro and that most beautiful of California's islands, Catalina, rightly termed "An Isle of Summer."

    The great building also is the home of several of Southern California's most important corporations. Mr. Huntington's own companies occupy the entire seventh floor, while the general offices of Senator Clark's new and direct railway to the east, known as the Salt Lake Route, are located on the fifth floor. Here also are the general offices of the Wilmington Transportation and the Catalina Island Companies, and the division offices of the Southern Pacific Company.

    The eighth and ninth floors of the Pacific Electric Building are the home of the Jonathan Club, one of the most important and the largest social organizations in Southern California. Its highly elevated quarters are most elaborately furnished and equipped, while from the principal apartments there are commanded panoramas of snow-capped mountains, green fields, glistening orchards, flower-bowered suburbs, and bustling city streets, giving to this club a novelty of location individual to itself.

    Gliding northward on Main street, we pass on the left the new home of the oldest financial institution, and one of the most important in Southern California, the Farmers and Merchants National Bank. Its banking house is one of the few in America which occupies an entire building. Architecturally this building is among the most beautiful in California, while its interior is a perfect model, from a banking standpoint, nothing being omitted which might in any way tend to facilitate the transaction of its enormous business. Magnificently constructed and easily accessible safety deposit vaults occupy the basement of the handsome structure.

    As we look west we see, one block distant, two new structures which have greatly added to Los Angeles' architectural grandeur. That on the right as we glance along Fourth street, is the Herman W. Hellman Building, a model of modern designing, both in appearance and accommodation. Directly opposite looms the twelve stories of the Union Trust and Title Company's structure, the tallest building in Southern California. Like its opposite neighbor this sky-scraper is as striking in its beauty as in its size, and emphasizes the rapid progress ot this wonderfully prosperous city. The lower floors of both these gigantic structures are occupied by banking [tags: los angeles losangeles california LA historical engravings 1906]

    The Union Trust Building

    The Union Trust Building

    The Tallest Structure in Southern California. Home of the Union Title and Trust Company and the Southern California Savings Bank [tags: los angeles losangeles california LA historical engravings 1906]

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