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Surviving a Slashdotting

Yesterday this web page got slashdotted. For many small sites a slashdotting means the site is totally unreachable. For this server it was business as usual...

Here is a graph of the traffic spike... as you can see the circuit went from a few megs pre second to 17 megs per second.

that is quite a surge of traffic. From the lurking users stats that are a part of slacker i saw that the site had about 600 concurrent viewers after the slashdotting.

As this site is database driven i expected mysqld to be using close to 100% of the processor and i had planned on creating a /. only version of the article that would be static. Once the slashdotting begun and the mysql was only at about 48% i realized i didn't need to do that.

Yesterday we got about 10,000 unique visitors and did about 13 gigs of transfer.

check the stats page here

i am curious to see what happens when we get a real slashdotting and not just a slashback.