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Email Fun: Catch-alls, Joe Jobs, SPF and Spam

I no longer have a catch-all email address. For years the email (qmail) server that I run was set up to receive anything @eecue.com. So if you sent an email to asdflakhjflakjsf@eecue.com or dave_is_a_mean_person@eecue.com I would receive it. This was helpful as it allowed me to create addresses for every site that I submitted my information to, such as target@eecue.com, amazon@eecue.com, etc. That way if those companies sold my address to a list I would know they were responsible for the spam.

This seemed like a good idea until I started getting dictionary Joe Jobbed a few years ago. A Joe Job is when someone sends emails from your account to discredit you. In my case it was just a spam bot sending spams from random addresses @eecue.com. I don't think it was an attack on me, I just have a short domain name that has a catch-all address.

The joe-jobbing caused me to receive thousands of bounce messages. Today I finally decided to turn off the catch-all functionality in my email server. First I dug through my archived mail to find any important addresses that I still needed to receive mail at. I added aliases for the ones that would be hard to change. Any address that was easy to change I just logged into the site it corresponded to and changed it to my main address.

After getting rid of the catch-alls I set up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record on my DNS server. SPF is a record on a name server that tells mail servers which IP addresses are allowed to send email for that domain. Luckily I only ever send email from my personal mail server so that was easy to fix.

These changes should greatly reduce the amount of spam and joe-job bounces I receive.


Donate and Fight Women's Cancers

A few weeks ago I ran in the Revlon Run / Walk for Women, a 5K that raises money to fight women's cancers. I was originally planning on walking, but I decided to run instead. My final time as 34:54 and I came in 2,359th place out of about 65,000 people. I ran in honor of my beautiful, wonderful, strong mother who is a 5+ year cancer survivor.

There is still time to sponsor me, so far I've raised $220, but I would like to raise $2,000. You can click here to sponsor me. Thanks!

pink fuzz flower


Phoenix Mars Lander: Live Coverage For Wired.com From JPL

On Sunday I spent the day covering the historic landing of the Phoenix on Mars from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. It was an exciting assignment for Wired that entailed four separate trips, one to Goldstone in the Mojave and three to JPL. Here is some of my coverage from the landing, click on the screen-grabs to read the articles:

WIRED Phoenix Lander Touchdown

WIRED Phoenix Lander Press Conference

WIRED Live from Mission Control

Screen-grabs hosted by flickr.

WIRED Live from Mission Control WIRED Phoenix Lander Press Conference WIRED Phoenix Lander Touchdown

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My First <del>Sony</del> Wired Podcast(s)

I'm covering the Phoenix landing on Sunday from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Today was my second trip to JPL in as many weeks. I had a chance to interview two of the Mission Managers and I recorded them with my totally awesome Sony PCM-D60 using an excellent Sennheiser MD46 microphone and listening to it all with my Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones.

The first interview is with Joe Guinn, Mission System Manager:

Wired Science Podcast : Joe Guinn

My second interview that I recorded today is with Barry Goldstein, Phoenix Project Manager:

Wired Science Podcast : Barry Goldstein

Screen-grabs hosted by flickr.

A funny anecdote: After interviewing Goldstein in Mission Control I asked him to move into some better light for a photograph with a good background. When he was walking over there I signaled Reuters photographer, Mario Anzuoni, to follow me so he could get a good photo as well. After I shot my photos Anzuoni took his, which is now up on Reuters. Here are some other great photos of the San Diego fire by Anzuoni.

Wired Science Podcast : Joe Guinn Wired Science Podcast : Barry Goldstein

Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission

Last week I took an early morning drive out to the Mojave Desert to visit NASA's Goldstone facility. Goldstone is one of three Earth locations of the Deep Space Network (DSN). The DSN is used to listen to and control spacecraft and has been around since the 50's.

A few days later I headed to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to get some photos of Mission Control and interview a lead technician responsible for the landing [click to listen to the podcast].

I will be covering the landing live on Sunday for Wired.com. My Mars landing coverage can be found here on Wired Science. Click on the image below to see the gallery:

Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA

Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission Wired.com Gallery: Inside NASA's Mars Mission

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Dane Reese: Where are you?

I'm trying to get in touch with Dane Reese. He was an inspirational teacher when I was in High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you know or if you are Dane Reese and you're reading this, click on the Email button on the left hand side of this site and let me know how to get ahold of him. Thanks!

UPDATE: I got in touch with Dane. He's doing well and just recently got his PhD in Education (Transitive Learning).


Downtown Art Walk: May

After months of not posting on blogdowntown, I finally put a post together from this month's Art Walk. It's a short photo essay from a few galleries and it's live now. Click here to see my Art Walk post on blogdowntown.

Emmeric Live Pastel


Click here to check out the rest of my photos from the May Downtown Art Walk.

Looking up through the waveguide Deep Space Network Development Feedhorn Deep Space Network Development Station Waveguide Deep Space Network Development Station Deep Space Network Development Station Antenna Larry Shrader holding a Feed Horn Synthetic Ruby for a MASER MASER Super-cooler MASER Unit MASER Unit Synthetic Ruby for Goldstone Antenna Deep Space Network Antenna Dish Prototype Deep Space Network Antenna Goldstone Deep Space Network Antenna Array Goldstone Antennas Mars Antenna Feed Horns Mars Antenna Wave Guide Mars Antenna Computers Inside the Mars Antenna Looking up inside the Mars Antenna NASA Goldstone Mission Control Goldstone Mission Control Room Goldstone Video Monitor Goldstone Control Panels 20 kw Transmitter Control Panel at Goldstone Back side of Mars Antenna at Goldstone Mars Antenna at Goldstone from the rear Mars Antenna at Goldstone note size of cars Mars Antenna at Goldstone

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WIRED Metallic Glass Gallery WIRED Metallic Glass Gallery

Wired Gallery : Metallic Glass

A gallery that I shot for Wired.com just went live this morning. The process for creating the metallic glass is pretty cool. The materials they are producing will end up finding tons of commercial uses in the near future.

WIRED Metallic Glass Gallery


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Bunny Walker

After I was walking back from the protest today, I saw this totally awesome pipe-smoking fellow walking his fat fluffy bunny:

Man With Pipe Walking Bunny


May Day Immigration Protest

Today's protest was smaller compared to last years May Day protest. I would say roughly 10,000 people gathered beside City Hall at the end of the day. There were three groups, and photographed each of them, the first while it was gathering at Olympic and Broadway, the second from their rally point in MacArthur park to the intersection of 5th and Broadway where I met up with the Legalize LA group, which seemed to be the largest of the three.

Here are some of the photos from today:

Protestors Crossing the 110


Legalize LA Group

More after the jump....

Man With Pipe Walking Bunny Protestors With American Flags Protestors on Broadway Protestors on Broadway mayday_27_ Lowrider Bicycle with PSP McCain and Immigration Reform Supporter Legalize LA Group Jeff Tovar Legalize LA Group Drummer Youth Justice Coalition Protestors on 5th Street Protestors on Figueroa and 5th Protestors Crossing the 110 Protestors Crossing the 110 Protestors Crossing the 110 Protestors Mounted Officer Taking a Flyer Chief William Bratton William Torres The Sun Shines For Everyone Student Protestors Frutas Vendors Boy with Flag Cheering Protestor Protestors Flag Waving Protestor Stop Racism F*ck the Pigs!!! F*ck Inequality American Flag