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Cruz from the Historic Core Patrol folks from losanjealous Uccellina from abirdsnest.net, husband and Sean Bonner a golden gopher lamp looking up from the smoking area

blogging.la geek meet

So last night Penelope and I walked the whole 3 blocks to the Golden Gopher to meet some blogging people from the interweb. We missed the free sushi, which was proven to exist here, but we were there in time for a few stiff drinks. We met and photographed Sean Bonner, Mack Reed, Uccellina and her husband and the losanjealous crew. Uccellina's husband whose name currently escapes me just got a job in the animation department at Disney (in the magicians hat). Penelope and Uccellina talked the whole time about weddings, but I'm pretty sure she didn't feign interest!


Apple 10.4.2 Update

Apple just updated Tiger to 10.4.2! Cool a bunch of bug fixes in this one.

UPDATE: Since I ran the update Safari has already crashed once and has just stopped loading pages twice.


<i>Los Angeles From an Auto</i> Series on LAvoice.org

I have begun posting a series or scanned engravings and text from Los Angeles From an "Auto", which is an old tourist guide to LA from 1906. The tours took place atop motorized electric coaches and stopped at all the Downtown Hotels. After each installment I plan to follow up with a current photo of the buildings that are mentioned. Here is the first in the series on LAvoice.org, the current photos are coming soon.

The City of The Angels : Los Angeles fro Welcome to Los Angeles : Los Angeles fro Hotel Lankershim The Angelus : Los Angeles from an Auto Hotel Alexandria : Los Angeles from an A The Van Nuys Hotel Los Angeles From an Auto (page1) Los Angeles from an Auto : Electric coach Los Angeles from an Auto : Electric coac

Downtown Surface Street Traffic

I had no idea you could get a map of Downtown LA surface street traffic in real time... Cool!


Horse Trail Jog

Penelope and I just got back from another jog, this time we drove up good ol' Glendale Blvd (the 2) to Griffith Park and jogged along the horse trail. We thought this would be a nice scenic run, which it was, but the scenery involved was the freeway, a trash dump and a golf course. The terrain was sandy dirt which is probably great for horses, but it wasn't the best running surface. I think in the future we will run in Downtown and Echo Park and if we go back to Griffith we will start our jog at the north end of the park.

Penelope and I are going to finish up the Weekly Communal Jog in Downtown flyer tonight so keep an eye out for it around town.