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Flickr giving away pro accounts...

I just noticed a link on my flickr account thanking me for paying for their service even though it was in beta. As a gift they have doubled my account time (2 years) and have given me 2 more pro account to give away... that's pretty cool!


FBI Raids Los Alamos Sales Co. (the Black Hole)

I used to work at a place in Los Alamos called the Black Hole. I had read recently that they were raided by the FBI who took a bunch of joke items that Ed Grothus had on display for years. The man is always trying to hold Ed Grothus down!

This is from the Santa Fe New Mexican (bugmenot reg. required):


Adobe absorbs Macromedia

I have been both an Adobe and Macromedia user for over 10 years and I am a bit surprised that Adobe is going to ingest Macromedia and curious as to what will come out the other end. Maybe Adobe will do us all a favor and kill Flash.