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Check out this ACLU PSA about the Total Information Awareness Act

From boing-boing:

This excellent piece of short speculative fiction presented as a video clip depicts pizza ordering in a near-future United States. Link

(Thanks Patricio! ) [boing-boing]


Las Vegas braces for DEFCON

This weekend in Las Vegas, the world's largest hacker convention, DEFCON, will be taking place. As opposed to what the register says, there will mostly be drinking and more drinking. [the register uk]


Guardian Angels Return to Los Angeles

The red berets are back in effect in LA with conditional support from the LAPD. The condition is that they should stay away from areas that have dangerous gang activity.


University of California will no longer manage Los Alamos National Laboratory

Last week, LANL was closed upon a security review from National Nuclear Security Administration director and Bush appointee, Linton Brooks and Bush apointee Deputy Energy Secretary Kyle McSlarrow who are now back in DC. The reason for closing the all nonessential sections of the lab (even high security areas like the museum and cafeteria) was a missing removable storage device that contained classified material.

From the Albuquerque Journal:

The incident is the latest in a series of embarrassments that have prompted federal officials to put the Los Alamos management contract up for bid for the first time in the 61-year history of the lab that built the atomic bomb.

Gee, I wonder if Haliburton wil get the contract worth billions of dollars? We're going to start a new cold war.


DEFCON 11 media archives now online...

The DC11 media archives are now online... you can get real audio and video of all the talks you missed because you were too drunk to see them.


Huntington Beach to will have Fiber to the home

Verizon has announced it will be rolling out Fiber on the last mile in HB as well as two other cities.

tip o the hat to JTX


Big Brother will be watching you...

LAPD will be using more video cameras to patrol areas around Los Angeles after a successful trial in Macarthur park. [topix los angeles]


Japan's says M$ in violation of Antimonopoly Act

The Japanese FTC announced today that Microsoft is in violation of their antimonopoly act due to clauses in their OEM license. [mac central]


Versign updating top-level DNS server to update every few minutes

Versign has updated their domain name servers to update more frequently. Now DNS changes should take a matter of minutes as opposed to 12 hours. [the register uk]


Mexican officials get the mark of the beast...

From [boing-boing] :

Dave sez: El Universal (Mexico City) is reporting that the Attorney General of Mexico, Rafael Macedo, had a microchip inserted under the skin of one of his arms to give him access to a new crime database and also enable him to be traced if he is ever abducted.

Bloomberg news added "about 160 Mexican officials will carry the microchip" and that "the chip can't be removed, but will be deactivated after Macedo's term as attorney general expires." Link


Bush plans cut down our forests

From the contracostatimes:

Bush plans to rescind forest rules
The Bush administration plans to scrap one of the most sweeping public lands initiatives of recent years by abandoning a rule that put nearly one-third of national forests off-limits to logging. [topix ca]

BOOO! shame on you GWB!


Californians turn up the head on Diebold

Californians are suing Diebold using a whistleblower law because the Diebold voting machines allow hackers and/or malicious Diebold campaign financing recipients to swing elections . [wired]


Once you go black...

Jaguar X-Type is giving away special edition black iPods... cool.[mac minute]


Terahertz light imaging

Terahertz light is now being used to image through metal and other materials without harmful xrays (but with harmful terahertz waves, haha) [gyre - military revolutions]


Clean out that space junk

Here is an interesting report about the current plans to clean up floating space junk. [gyre - military revolutions]


Bush's psuedo science horrifies researchers

Prominent scientific researchers who form the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) are shocked and in awe at the errors in Bush's science. [the register uk]


Finally recovered from G4 laptop hard drive crash.

My laptop's hard drive died a nasty death, that started with slowing and freezing and ended up in complete and total data loss. Between those two stages i was able to back up my data. I am now catching up on the 900+ news items in NetNewsWire... i wonder if the same thing happened to boogah:

99 problems and an ibook is one
it would seem that the venerable ibook is acting up again.

over the weekend i've seen more beach balls than a lifeguard, which is odd because things were running okay on friday night. so i decided to repair permissions, run the periodic maintenance scripts, update the prebindings, boot into single user mode, run fsck and zap the pram. twice.

still, i can't have more than one app open without getting a beach ball every time i issue a command. ichat gives me a continual beach ball after ten minutes. itunes skips every time i play a song. my computer is absolutley unuseable.

every bit of diagnostics i've run says all my hardware is fine. the only option i seem to have at this point is to reinstall. bollocks. [gomi]


Zimbabwe reverting to beasts of burden for tranportation

According to this bbc article, Zimbabwe is reverting back to ancient time, citing the introduction of ox drawn ambulances as proof. [bbc world]


Send SMS from iChat / Address Book

This is pretty cool... you can send an sms message to any phone from iChat or Address book with this script.


Ron Reagan to Speak at Democratic National Convention

[from ATSNN] The 46 year old son of Ronald Reagan will speak at the Democratic National Convention in Boston this year. A move that has stunned many on the Republican side. Ron Reagan spoke with amazing reverence of his late father and has shown an amazing skill for the spoken word such as his father (Former President and Republican leader)


Fahrenheit 9/11 available for free download on Internet Archive

From http://www.fahrenheit911.com: "Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore's searing examination of the Bush administration's actions in the wake of the tragic events of 9/11. With his characteristic humor and dogged commitment to uncovering the facts, Moore considers the presidency of George W. Bush and where it has led us."Michael Moore says:"I don't agree with copyright laws, and I don't have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it...as long as they're not trying to make a profit off my labor.... I make these movies and books and TV shows because I want things to change, and so the more people who get to see them, the better."

Download Fahrenheit 911... Collection: movies/feature_films [Internet Archive]


California Refuses to Lift E-Voting Restrictions

In a move that will keep the decertified e-voting machines banned in California, a US District Court has refused to lift the e-voting machine ban.



In a move that won't work, the MPAA has decided to use new encrypted DVDs and DVD players so that the voters can watch their oscar screeners without the threat of pirating them. It won't work.


Gun Ban Doesn't Prevent Attacks

The pointless assault weapons ban that is due to sunset in a few months has not prevented a single attack with assault weapons. Bayonetting attack statistics show that the amount of bayonet attacks since the passing of the ban has remained stable and none per year.


Perseid Meteor Shower Could Be Best Ever

Scientists at nasa have predicted the coming Perseid meteor showers (starting mid-July and peaking on August 12th) will be some of the best ever seen. The reasons they give are two-fold, one being that the moon will be new, and another being that our planet is crossing a new filament of space dust stemming from the Swift-Tuttle comet.


DOE Wastes Gross Amounts of Money

According to a contractor, the Department of Energy wasted vast amounts of money, spending $4.8 million on a system that should only have cost $50,000.


OS X Newton Sync

All you newton freaks out there can now sync your mac with your newton. Go retro technology!


LAist opens it's doors...

The Los Angeles based sister site of gothamist has opened it's virtual doors. Enjoy the news.


Colin Powell of the Village People

When I first saw this i thought it was a joke, but no, Colin Powell Really did don a hard hat and a belt and performed a rendition of the Village People's YMCA in Jakarta.


Girl Burned By Exploding Cellphone

A 16 year old Ontario, California girl received second degree burns and a torn pair of blue jeans when her cellphone exploded in her pocket. The cellphone was a Verizon Kyocera.


Traffic Light Camera Catches Cheating Wife

A traffic light camera in Hawthorne caught a motorist running a red light. When the owner of the car contested the ticket, he was shown footage of his wife's lover driving that car and running the light, divorce ensued.


Department of Homeland Security Recomends Not Using MS Internet Explorer

This is priceless, the DHS has recommended that users switch to a browser other than Internet Explorer, due to serious security flaws. So i would recommend that you download and install Mozilla.


Free As In Beer Digital Certs

Although the free certs aren't currently recognized by browsers, an Australian company by the name of CACerts is giving away free digital certificates. If all goes well, browsers will be including them as a default CA.


Comcast Helps Lower The World's Spam Intake, Blocks Port 25

Thank you Comcast for lowering the amount of spam in the world by blocking port 25 on your periphery. When the clusestick whacking fails, block port 25.


Body World Exhibit in Los Angeles

- Runs from July 2 to Jan. 23, 2005.

- Features 25 human bodies and 200 body parts intended to teach visitors about the skeletal, cardiovascular and other systems.

- Location: California Science Center, Exposition Park, 700 State Drive, Los Angeles.

- Admission: $12 for adults, with discounts available for members, seniors, students and children. Children under 13 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

- Parking: $6 per car.

- Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, with last admission at 8 p.m.

- Information: (323) 724-3623

- On the Web: www.bodyworlds.com and www.casciencectr.org


PCUSA Sucks, I Hate PCUSA.com

when i bought a server from pcusa.com i thought i was getting a really good deal, it turns out i was wrong. it went well at first, but soon when the server became heavily loaded for extended periods of time it was hard crashing. there was nothing in the log that would indicate a bad disk or bad memory.

i decided to go down to the colo to investigate. the server was hot enough to fry an egg on. when i pulled it out on the rails and removed the "void warranty if removed" sticker, then the cover, i noticed that one of the fans that should have been blowing on the motherboard (not the cpu fans) was off... it wasn't plugged in because the cable wouldn't reach the motherboard. this really pissed me off. that's not the way to build a computer... any-who i just rearranged the way the cable was run and it plugged in just fine... i took the cover with me though because i'm going to cut holes in the top for more ventilation.

joy, pcusa sucks