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Check the Archive Feature!

Ok so during the update I added a really cool feature. The calendar now displays thumbnails for each event / photo group / post from this site... check it out:

It may take a second for all the thumbnails to load so be patient! Also there is a problem viewing the page in Internet Explorer (it looks like a long list of links instead of a calendar...) So use Mozilla or Safari. =]


Importing Old Photos

So I am now working on getting all my old digital photos in this gallery. The list of photos I will be importing includes:

  • Old eecue.com photos (everything from before i set up gallery)
  • Japan Photos
  • Drive Slagging Photos
  • Junglescene Photos (I will also be updating junglescene.com's photo section to be like the eecue.com section)
  • Old junglescene.com photos (before they were linked to calendar items)
  • Original junglescene.com photos (from 1999-2000)
I think that is everything.... keep an eye out! I will feature the imported photo groups on here... Some will get their own linked pages, like the Japan Photos...