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Wolfowitz Testifies Pentagon Misjudged the Strength of Iraqi Insurgency

After all the talk about how easy it would be to take Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz now testifies that the Pentagon misjudged the number of troops it would take over Iraq.


First US Mad Cow Fatality

A woman in Florida has become the first person in the US to have died from mad cow disease. ASTNN has the scoop...


War[*] has gone too far...

Some people in Seattle have decided that a good place to find wireless access is around Lake Union, and they are doing so from their kayaks... thus warkayaking [ugh].


3 New Religous Policeman Entries

If you ever wonder what is going on in Saudi Arabia... this is the place to find out... The Religious Policeman is a great blog from an anonymous Saudi. Very cool insight into the world of Saudi Arabia.


Boogah Tries Coke2, Likes It

from gominosensei:

i've finally gotten a hold of some c2 and i've gotta admit that it's nowhere near as bad as i thought it'd be. besides the occasional hint of artificial sweetener, it really seems like coke went thru the trouble of making c2 taste like regular coke. [read the rest at gomi no sensei]


Milk Does a Rocket Good

Young children and pregnant women who drink milk from California cows may be exposed to unsafe levels of a toxic chemical used in rocket fuel, according to a new study.


SpaceShipOne A Success!

I just got back from the Mojave Airport, where i saw the successful takeoff and landing of the World's first commercial space ship, SpaceShipOne. I arrived on Sunday night at around 11pm and was one of the first people to park. Upon exiting my car i was greeted by 30-40mph winds that were blasting sand, painfully fast, from the North. [read the rest]


Old Photos Imported!

Ok I have imported all my eecue.com photos from before I was using gallery. They have been integrated into the photo albums... note that the dates are totally incorrect on most of them because I never set the time on my old camera... oh well... the japan photos are coming soon! =]