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Hello From Osaka!!!!

Hello folks,

I'm here in Osaka... i spent most of today wandering around alleys of the city... everytime i look up i am reminded of Lain. Today as well as the next two days are the biggest holiday of the year so just about everything is closed... everything except food stands and arcades... and this internet cafe that i'm in now... go figure.

i played some pachinko. i also played a really cool first person shooter called World Battle. This is very cool and i was doing pretty good... i even attracted a bit of a crowd. Although i did end up spending about 1000 Yen on it... which is about 10 bucks.

Last night (New Years Eve) I went to a party in Osaka at club evo. It was pretty fun. When i first arrived i heard drum'n'bass playing so i happily paid my 30,000 ($28) and went down stairs. Unfortunatly the dnb was only playing in the front room and nobody was dancing. oh well i still had fun and met a bunch of cool japanese people. i also danced my ass off... more than i had danced in about a year... and it was to techno hahah.

My hotel is very nice and pretty much western... although it has a bidet and a really deep shower... but at least i have my own bathroom.

today for lunch i had my favorite... Tako Yaki .... mmmm good stuff! it's a little chunk of octopus inside a tasty dumpling cover with sweet sauce, mayo (eww i could have done without the mayo) and bonito (dried fish flakes) it appears to be alive because the bonito writhes in the heat.

i was really hoping to find a wireless network that was open so i could surf for free... but all the wireless networks i found that were open, assigned me an ip and then had no route to the internet.

I have uploaded all the pictures i've taken so far and they can be found here:


yes i did a whole site just for my journey.

enjoy the pics.

updates to follow...